Thursday, December 5, 2013

13-12-05 Falsely imprisoned Alabama blogger ROGER SHULER: Did the gay porn pics of conservative US Judge Bill Pryor do the trick? Or was it NDAA?

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13-12-05 Farewell words from Commander Be from Washington DC

Also view video:  13-12-05 Occupy Tel-Aviv #13: Marzipan Hallah with Commander B from Washington DC

I seep into power through dimension of rhyme,
Life's sweet and its sour like lemon and lime,
But if sour is sweet no dissension of mind,
The weak tend to cower did I mention we're fine,
Every week every hour there's tension you'll find,
To the peak of the tower together we'll climb,
The we'll topple the tower to surf the incline,
We'll stop all the power of Satan's design,
Temptation we're showered with fear of the mind,
But elation allows us the mind of divine,
Become your best self so try to refine,
Your definition condition intuition aligned,
Watch out for the devils they'll come for your spine,
But if you stay straight, your fate they won't dine,
Upon you are strong not a pawn but a king,
Move along in this life recognize your blessings,
You sing and you rap its a fact its a wrap,
Just stay on the track of your internal map,
Snap! goes the bones of the Earth as they moan,
They are grown don't condone what they've grown its been shown,
Like the screening of a film, that they scream and they kill,
Scream is a film where they scream and they spill,
The blood of their brothers, sisters and mothers,
Under blankets and the covers you may watch under cover,
When you search you uncover, when you search you uncover,
Ever since your day of birth you know you've been under,
The influence of human fears, now you start to wonder,
Why, wonder why, when I let my fears go,
I can feel the Great Spirit and together we go,
Together we grow and together we know,
What our purpose upon the Earth is, 
Birds of a feather in the snow

~Be Free