Thursday, April 10, 2014

14-04-10 US: Who is more corrupt? SEC or Obama...

Strange competition... jz

The testimony and investigations show Obama to be astoundingly corrupt.

14-04-10 ISRAEL: Anxiety grips the legal racket? // בהלה אחזה בכנופיית שלטון החוק?

[עברית להלן]
OccupyTLV, April 10 - Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was convicted of corruption related charges.  As a spin-off of the same case and several other corruption cases against Olmert, both Olmert and his counsel are now under investigation for obstruction of justice. 
The investigation stems from allegations by Olmert's former secretary Shulah Zaquen that Olmert and his counsel attempted to silence her and prevent her from cooperating with the investigation and trial.
Today, Globes runs a large headline, quoting unnamed "senior attorneys":
Following the investigation of Attorney Navot Tel-Zur in the Olmert-Zaquen affair, senior attorneys attack:
"Law enforcement should leave attorneys alone, and let them represent their clients as they deem fit, and not intimidate them".
Attorney Navot Tel-Zur, Olmert's criminal defense attorney, who is under investigation regarding pressuring Shulah Zaquen not to sign a plea bargain in the Holyland case, is not alone.  The parade of attorneys led into the investigation rooms has become common in recent years, and alarms attorneys.  "It stems from desperation by police, and may deter attorneys from performing their function. It would lead to criminal court process that is bias from the start."
Israeli judges, magistrates and attorneys would like the public to believe that obstruction of justice is their natural right...
And shouldn't today's Globes publication be deemed an attempt to obstruct police investigation?
Corruption of the judiciary and the legal profession is central to the current socio-economic crisis in Israel. 

===14-04-10 בהלה בכנופיית שלטון החוק?===
מאהל המחאה ת"א, 10 לאפריל - שופטים, רשמים, ועורכי דין היו רוצים שנאמין ששיבוש הליכי משפט הוא זכותם הטבעית ...
והאם אין בפרסום זה לעצמו, בשם "פרקליטים בכירים" משום ניסיון לשבש חקירת משטרה?
שחיתות השופטים ועורכי הדין היא גורם מרכזי במשבר החברתי-כלכלי בישראל היום!
בעקבות חקירתו של עו"ד נבות תל-צור בפרשת אולמרט-זקן, פרקליטים בכירים תוקפים:
"על רשויות האכיפה להניח לעורכי הדין לנפשם, לתת להם לייצג את הנאשמים לפי הבנתם ולא להלך עליהם אימים"

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