Friday, May 17, 2013

13-05-18 Florida: Robbing the American people continues...

The robbing of the American people continues...  The real estate foreclosure fraud epidemic in the United States courts is a major Human Rights concern. Millions of families are deprived of their property with no due process of law.  Dispossession of this scope of the many to benefit the few, is usually seen only during wartime.
The real estate market may go up or down now, whichever way the banksters prefer, since they hold so much in pent up supply now.  Buyer beware! Rigged markets!  jz

The TV and the "news" papers say that real estate values are going back up, but they didn't give you the real numbers for some reason.

The "news" also didn't tell you anything about the Florida Legislature's plan to unconstitutionally flip due process on its head by switching the burden of proof from the plaintiff banksters to the defendant homeowners.

The "news" also didn't mention that the banksters' bill, HB 87, virtually eliminates the ability to depose representatives from the banks to test the banks' allegations and ask important questions like, does the bank own the loan, has the loan already been paid off, does the homeowner really owe anything, etc.

To find out what is really going on with foreclosures, the real estate market, and the "justice" system in Florida, see Last Chance – Stop Florida’s HB 87 and ForeclosureGate II at

If you don't want to see your property values drop like a rock again, sign the petition asking Governor Scott to veto HB 87 at

Then, spread the word to all of your contacts before it's too late.

Carpe diem,

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

P.S. You don't have to live in Florida to sign the petition to protect the fundamental rights to secure justice which are being destroyed by this bill.

13-05-18 Tel Aviv: King Saul at Tel Aviv Museum/US military bunkers?

Uniquely Israeli site - on Tel Aviv's King Saul Avenue. Subjugating the State of Israel to US military occupation was undertaken with no public debate or even public notice. 

This is one of the main avenues in the nicer part of Tel Aviv.  On your left is the opera house/performing arts center. 
Behind it is the Tel Aviv Museum, one of the main museums in Israel, housing both Israeli and international art collections.  The museum's front piazza with its sculpture garden extends all the way to the avenue.  
Across the avenue from the sculpture garden is one of the main gates to the IDF central command and control center.  It is now named after assassinated Prime Minister Rabin, "Camp Rabin".  Periodically, when official limos go in or out, security in various uniforms in shades of green, grey and black appear and stop the traffic in the avenue.
This property is also one of two, where the US military is building underground bunkers in Israel, according to foreign sources.  The bunkers are probably going to be used as a joint US-Israeli control and command center.
The establishment of such enterprise amounts to subjugating the State of Israel to US military occupation.  And yet, the decision was made with no public debate or even public notice.
"Leave it to legendary Walter Pincus from the Washington Post to flesh out a Request for Proposal construction project planned for Israel called Site 911." [1]


[1] Read more:"

13-05-18 Palestine: The Third Intifadah "exposed"

Facebook shows violent clashes in Palestine's west bank:
World Riots 24/h
Ramallah , Palestine 15-05-2013 Clashes (10 photos)Photo

But most Israeli media are silent on this subject.  The exception is Maariv, which features an expose' - IDF soldiers of the "Third Intifadah" break silence.  The paradoxical situation is that while Palestinians have increased the levels of violence, Israel is determined not to play along.  The timing is not good from Israel's perspective, which tries to focus world's attention on Iran, and may even consider the Syrian conflict a distraction...)  The IDF issued exceptionally restrictive orders, relative to the opening of fire by soldiers.  As a result, incidents have recently recurred, of IDF soldiers retreating or ducking before stone throwing youths.
בראש החדשות

התחקיר המלא של "סופשבוע"
לוחמי צה"ל ביו"ש שוברים שתיקה
חיילים המשרתים ביהודה ושומרון מתארים מציאות יומיומית מורכבת שאין בה נכון ולא נכון. כך נראית "האיניתפאדה השלישית" בעיניים שלהם. "לימדו אותנו להיות לוחמים, לא לימדו אותנו לבוא ולהיות ברווזים. אתה עומד מאחורי הג'יפ ומתחבא" (חן קוטס-בר)
[IDF soldiers in Judea and Samaria break the silence: Soldiers serving in Judea and Samaria describe the complex daily reality, where there is no right and wrong. This is what the "Third Intifadah" looks like to them. "We were trained to fight. We have never been trained to be ducks. You stand behind the jeep, hiding." - jz]

13-05-18 Hello World!

18/5 @ 02:14 : Dallas, Texas, US
18/5 @ 00:50 : Beijing, CN
17/5 @ 21:22 : Modesto, California, US
17/5 @ 19:37 : Macon, Georgia, US
17/5 @ 18:29 : Canada, CA
17/5 @ 16:26 : Providence, Utah, US
17/5 @ 16:14 : Los Angeles, California, US
17/5 @ 15:40 : Hooghly, IN
17/5 @ 15:24 : Velikiy Novgorod, RU
17/5 @ 12:35 : San Diego, California, US