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2014-12-06 Hello world!

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2014-12-05 Cold War 2.0: US engages in self-stimulation for a war against Russia...

2014-12-05 Cold War 2.0: US engages in self-stimulation for a war against Russia...
No war - no satisfaction?
House Vote #548 in 2014, in the United States Congress.

2014-12-05 ISRAEL: Biometric Database - a cardinal sign of a totalitarian regime!

2014-12-05 ISRAEL: Biometric Database - a cardinal sign of a totalitarian regime!
Top Israeli computer experts object to the project, pushed forward without adequate security by the current regime...
התנועה לזכויות דיגיטליות על אישור התקנות לחוק הביומטרי: משרד הפנים מודה, שהוא אינו יכול לעמוד בתנאי האבטחה הנוקשים המחויבים למאגר. חברי הוועדה בכנסת יהיו...

2014-12-05 US: ‪#‎ShutItDown‬

2014-12-05 US: ‪#‎ShutItDown‬
[via Occupy Wal st]

2014-12-05 US: Murderous police - a cardinal sign of a totalitarian regime!

2014-12-05 US: Murderous police - a cardinal sign of a totalitarian regime!
Thursday night, a protest and march in downtown Phoenix spoke out against the shooting death of an unarmed African American man who died at the hands of

2014-12-05 Occupy Wall Street: ‪#‎ShutItDown‬

2014-12-05 Occupy Wall Street: ‪#‎ShutItDown‬

2014-12-05 Assange on Surveillance Society

2014-12-05 Assange on Surveillance Society
[via Coleen Rowley]
The destruction of privacy widens the existing power imbalance between the ruling factions and everyone else.|By Julian Assange

2014-12-05 US: Murderous police - cardinal sign of a totalitarian regime!

2014-12-05 US: Murderous police - cardinal sign of a totalitarian regime!
Yes, it's happened again. An African American man was shot and killed by the police. This time, however, 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times...

2014-12-05 US: Protest continues - ‪#‎ShutItDown‬

2014-12-05 US: Protest continues - ‪#‎ShutItDown‬
[via Occupy Wall St.]
Last night.
REFLECTION ON OUR RAGE. Racist cops murder African Americans. The revulsion brings us together in transcendent scenes like last night on the bridge. Three years ago we had Occupy and three years before that the mortgage fraud scandal and world-wide recession began. Meanwhile, American drones slaughtered so many families. And climate change killed the poor every day.
This keeps happening and each time the issue is life and death. A starkly violent issue comes to the center stage and suddenly a large number of us respond. Now we have this present moment, where racist police and court systems have exposed the government and corporate elite; this evil unbroken since slavery, this collusion of fear-mongering and profiteering. We must not forget this, as we so often have with these historic justice events. We can’t rotate this issue away, enroute to the next one. We can’t default back into conveniences, entertainment and on-line dating.
These murders are a symbol of abuse of our loved ones and neighbors and of systematic violence against the powerless, and it is done by racist bullets and by climate change and economic strangulation. Soon, with time running out, we will have to stop rotating issues and establish unforgettable ones... This is the place to start. This issue can’t be put in the past by putting a few cops in jail and changing some rules. This injustice helps keep the focus on all injustice. Time is running out. We can create the uprising that overthrows this oppression.
Brooklyn Bridge last night in New York ‪#‎ShutItDown‬ ‪#‎EricGarner‬ ‪#‎MichaelBrown‬ ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬

2014-12-05 PALESTINE: IDF-Shin Bet continue detentions campaign

2014-12-05 PALESTINE: IDF-Shin Bet continue detentions campaign
Ski-masked soldiers are a sign of a totalitarian army!
2014-12-05 פלסטין: נמשכים המעצרים
[דרך Rivka Vitenberg]
צבא של רעולי פנים הוא סימן של משטר טוטליטרי!
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2014-12-05 US: Ongoing protest ‪#‎ShutItDown‬

2014-12-05 US: Ongoing protest ‪#‎ShutItDown‬
[via Occupy Wall St]
ABC 7 Chicago uploaded a new video.
BREAKING: Hundreds continue to march through Chicago streets in a protest against the chokehold death of unarmed man Eric Garner.

2014-12-05 GERMANY: USA organized supplies for IS / ISIS through NATO-ally Turkey

2014-12-05 GERMANY: USA organized supplies for IS / ISIS through NATO-ally Turkey
The text by Anonymous is not the main point here, but the fact the video comes from the international broadcasting service of the German government, a NATO ally, accusing other NATO allies, US, Turkey, for manufacturing the ISIS crisis. In that, Germany is basically siding with one of Putin's main themes in recent speeches. jz
[video by Deutsche Welle - the German international broadcasting service, via Anonymous Berlin] Translated by Bing
+++ Breaking +++ important: Please distribute! +++ International Deutsche Welle (DW) published a video with immense implications--it's probably the first national channel in the West, which admits that the so-called "Islamic State" (ISIS) is supplied not by "black market oil" or "hostage extortion fees", but by billion dollar shipments that arrive via supply lines through NATO-ally nation Turkey and hundreds of trucks a day.
The report [1] titled "Supply lines of IS through Turkey" confirms what has been reported by geopolitical analysts since approximately the beginning of 2011: That the NATO member Turkey makes it possible to flood supplies, fighters and weapons over its borders, to provide the positions of ISIS in Syria [2].
Still laughed at a few months ago, anonymous [3] already reported on 1 September 2014, that IS/ISIS is a U.S. secret service project of the Americans.
The main culprit in terms of supply, however, is not Turkey. Mastermind and organizer of this dirty game is the terrorist State Nr. 1 around the world, the United States. The conflict with ISIS in the Iraq and Syria is initiated and is deliberately maintained. However, the terror against the civilian population is real. The manufactured conflict and the real terrorists are used by the United States as a pretext to dismember in the entire region and to send the necessary U.S. forces.
On 27 July 2014, an article in the newspaper Junge Welt [4] confirmed that the US Embassy in Ankara serves as the headquarters for the American operation of ISIS.
Recently also United States Senator RAND Paul confirmed on CNN that the the terrorist group "Islamic State in the Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) is a part of Washington's war against the Syrian Government. In the show "State of the Union" of June 22, he said [5]: [...] We have to rally with ISIS in Syria. One of the reasons why ISIS was encouraged, is that we have armed the allies of this group in Syria. ISIS was able to develop its position of power, because we upgraded and supported the rebels against Assad. Now we have a chaotic situation. ISIS combatants switch back and forth between Syria and Iraq.[...]
Behind the war for the Balkanization of Syria and Iraq, the Atlantic Council, which a prominent member is the former Secretary of State of the United States Madeleine Albright, the "mother" of the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and other countries in Europe.
This Anonymous will provide more information in the next few days in a separate post available.
[1] 'IS' supply channels through Turkey…/av-18091048
[2] supply lines of the ISIS…/nachschublinien-der-isis-laufen…/
[3] IS/ISIS run by NATO member Turkey is US intelligence project 0 2014/07-25/014.php
[5] [4] who framed RAND Paul: we armed ISIS' allies in Syria to fight them in Iraq
Die internationale Deutsche Welle (DW) veröffentlichte ein Video mit immensen Implikationen – es ist wahrscheinlich der erste nationale Sender im Westen, der damit zugibt, dass der sogenannte “Islamische Staat” (ISIS) nicht durch “Öl vom Schwarzmarkt” oder “Geisel-Erpressungsgelder” versorgt wird, sondern durch Milliarden Dollar-Lieferungen, die nach Syrien gelangen via Nachschublinien durch das NATO-Land Türkei und hunderte LKWs täglich. Der Report[1] mit dem Titel “Nachschublinien der IS durch dieTürkei” bestätigt, was von geopolitischen Analytikern seit mindesttens Anfang 2011 berichtet wurde: dass das NATO-Mitglied Türkei eine Flut von Versorgungsgütern, Kämpfern und Waffen über seine Grenzen lässt, um die Stellungen der ISIS in Syrien zu versorgen[2].
Vor wenigen Monaten noch belächelt, berichtete Anonymous[3] bereits am 1. September 2014, dass IS/ISIS ein US-Geheimdienst-Projekt der Amerikaner ist und die die US-Botschaft in Ankara als Hauptquartier für die amerikanische "ISIS-Operation" dient. Bestätigt wird das u.a. . durch ein Artikel der Zeitung jungewelt[4],die am 27. Juli 2014 als einziges deutsches Medium Aufklärung diesbezüglich leistete. Die Türkei ist lediglich Erfüllungsgehilfe. Drahtzieher und Organisator des gesamten dreckigen Spiels ist - wie könnte es auch anders sein - der Terrorstaat Nr.1 weltweit, die USA. Den Krieg den ISIS (hieß vorher Freie Syrische Armee und davorAl-Qaida) im Solde der USA im Irak und Syrien führt, ist nichts weiter als ein gut geprobtes Theaterstück, dass bis heute generalstabsmäßig aufgeführt wird. Real dagegen ist der damit verbundene Terror den die Zivilbevölkerung in den betroffenen Länder zu erleiten hat. Das ganze grausame Komödie dient dazu die gesamte Region zu destabilisieren, möglichst fein zu zerstückeln und liefert darüber hinaus automatisch den Vorwand schier unbegrenzte US-Truppen in den Nahen Osten zu entsenden. Anonymous stellte dazu am 24. September 2014 fest[5]:
[..] Das Vorgehen von ISIS deckt sich kurioserweise ziemlich genau mit den geopolitischen Interessen von USA und EU, sodass man überall dort wo man ISIS hat wüten lassen, einfach humanitäre Hilfszonen einrichtet, die es zu bewachen gilt. [...]
Auch der US-Senator Rand Paul bestätigte gegenüber CNN, dass die Terrorgruppe „Islamischer Staat im Irak und in Syrien“ (ISIS) ein Teil des von Washington geführten Kriegs gegen die syrische Regierung ist. In der Sendung "State of the Union" vom 22. Juni äußerte[6] sich Senator Paul dazu wie folgt:
[...] Wir haben uns mit ISIS in Syrien verbündet. Einer der Gründe, warum ISIS ermutigt wurde, ist, dass wir die Verbündeten dieser Gruppe in Syrien bewaffnet haben. ISIS konnte ihre Machtposition ausbauen, weil wir die Rebellen gegen Assad unterstützt und aufgerüstet haben. Jetzt haben wir eine chaotische Situation. Die ISIS-Kämpfer wechseln zwischen Syrien und dem Irak hin und her.[...]
Hinter dem Krieg zur Balkanisierung von Syrien und Irak steckt die Atlantic Council, dessen prominentes Mitglied die ehemalige Außenministerin der USA Madleign Albright ist, die "Mutter" der Zerstückelung von Jugoslawien und anderen Ländern in Europa.
Mehr Informationen dazu wird Anonymous in den nächsten Tagen in einem gesonderten Beitrag zur Verfügung stellen.
[1] 'IS' supply channels through Turkey…/av-18091048
[2] Nachschublinien der ISIS laufen durch NATO-Mitglied Türkei…/nachschublinien-der-isis-laufen…/
[3] Anonymous: IS/ISIS ist US-Geheimdienst-Projekt
[4] Falsches Spiel…
[5] Anonymous: Washington hat seinen Krieg in Syrien nun doch bekommen
[6] Rand Paul: We armed ISIS' allies in Syria to fight them in Iraq
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2014-12-04 ISRAEL: Now it's OK to say - the Supreme Court is corrupt!

2014-12-04 ISRAEL: Now it's OK to say - the Supreme Court is corrupt!
The plethora of anti-corruption non-profits (now they even have an umbrella organization) are almost all controlled by attorney...
UNTIL TODAY: They were willing to talk about any corruption, except for the fact that corruption of the judges and the attorneys is a key cause of the exponential growth in government corruption in Israel.
NOW: The Quality Government Movement started a campaign for "examination" of a scandal arising from collusion of a Supreme Court justice and a crime figure, and cover-up of the same by the Attorney General...
From now it's OK to admit: In Israel we have a corrupt Supreme Court...
מבחן דנציגר - האם יקירי המערכת ואישי ציבור מקבלים יחס מועדף מהיועץ המשפטי?
פנינו היום בדרישה לחקירה ובדיקה כיצד היועץ המשפטי ניהל את הליכי החקירה בפרשה של שופט...
See More
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ITALY: On fire - Monday

ITALY: On fire - Monday
Tre giorni di mobilitazione sociale in città osteggiati dall'arbitrio e dalla provocazione poliziesca sono culminati questo pomeriggio a Livorno in un un cor...

2014-12-04 LOS ANGELES: New sheriff for one of the US's most corrupt counties...

2014-12-04 LOS ANGELES: New sheriff for one of the US's most corrupt counties...
Tell L.A. City Council to pass the measure to provide hotel workers access to five paid sick days and increase the minimum wage to $15.37. #RaiseLA Sign the petition:

GREECE: on fire, Monday

GREECE: on fire, Monday
2 December 2014 ~ Following a big solidarity protest to anarchist Nikos Romanos, where 8.000-10.000 people...

2014-12-03 NYC - Streaming from Times Square

2014-12-03 NYC - Streaming from Times Square
ABC News uploaded a new video.
WATCH: Protesters are streaming into NYC's Times Square, chanting "I can't breathe" after grand jury decision in Eric Garner death case.

Rolling Stone remains cool after all these years!

Rolling Stone remains cool after all these years!
Our readers pick the greatest activist anthems by artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Rage Against the Machine.
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  • Joseph Zernik 10 Country Joe and the Fish, 'I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag'

    His words weren't exactly Shakespeare, but Country Joe
    McDonald spoke for young people all over America when he released the
    anti-Vietnam classic "I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag." "One, two,
    three, what are we fighting for?" he sang. "Don't ask me, I don't give a
    damn/Next stop is Vietnam." The song took on a new life when he
    performed an impromptu rendition at Woodstock, a highlight of the
    documentary that followed.
    Country Joe & the Fish Yeah, come on all of you, big...
  • Joseph Zernik 9
    Bob Dylan, 'Hurricane'
    Bob Dylan was a decade past his protest song phase when he became aware of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a professional boxer in
    jail for a murder he claimed he didn't commit. With help from playwright
    Jacques Levy, Dylan wrote an impassioned eight-minute tune about
    Hurricane's ordeal, dramatically raising public awareness of the
    situation. Dylan didn't exactly get all the details right and was even
    taken to court by witness Patty Valentine over alleged inaccuracies, but
    the song remains incredibly powerful. Even so, he hasn't performed it a
    single time since 1976.
    Bob Dylan - Hurricane ( uncensored 1975 version) columbia records copyright
  • Joseph Zernik 8
    Creedence Clearwater Revival, 'Fortunate Son'

    John Fogerty wrote "Fortunate Son" 45 years ago, but it
    continues to cause a stir. Just last month, the former Creedence
    frontman played the song at the White House to honor the troops and
    nobody said a peep. But a week later, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl and
    the Zac Brown Band played it at a Veterans Day show at the National Mall
    and many on the right freaked out, saying they had attacked the
    military. In reality, Fogerty served in the Army Reserves and wrote the
    song about how the elite members of society made sure their own children
    never made their way to Vietnam. Like most great protest songs, it's as
    relevant today as it was on the day of its release.
    Fortunate Son, live Performance by CCR in 1969.
  • Joseph Zernik 7
    Bob Dylan, 'Blowin' in the Wind'
    In the early Sixties, most people knew "Blowin' in the Wind" long before they had heard the name Bob Dylan. Peter, Paul and
    Mary turned the tune into a hit in 1963, and everyone from Sam Cooke to
    the Doodletown Pipers followed. It's been translated into at least a
    dozen languages, featured in countless movies and played live over 1,200
    times by Dylan alone. The songwriter has dropped almost all of his
    1960s catalog from his current tour, but he still breaks out "Blowin' in
    the Wind" every night.
  • Joseph Zernik 6 Rage Against the Machine, 'Killing in the Name'
    Rage Against the Machine released "Killing in the Name" as their debut single in 1992, showing their unique fusion of rap and rock from the
    very start. It's a furious song about racism, police brutality and
    defiance, culminating in a furious cry of "Fuck you, I won't do what you
    tell me." It has the power to stir up a crowd like virtually no other
    song in human history, and it served as the final encore at what could
    very well go down as their last concert.
    Music video by Rage Against The Machine performing...
  • Joseph Zernik 5 Barry McGuire, 'Eve of Destruction' Bob Dylan was mostly done releasing protest songs by 1965, creating a vacuum that Barry McGuire was all too happy to fill. His cover of P.F.
    Sloan's "Eve of Destruction," a tune originally presented to the Byrds
    and the Turtles, became a Number One hit. These were the early days of
    the Vietnam war, but the Cuban Missile Crisis was a very recent memory
    and there was widespread fear of a nuclear war. McGuire later turned
    towards Christian music, but he still performs "Eve of Destruction" at
    his gigs.
    Ah- The Circle of, um, Life?
  • Joseph Zernik 4 Bob Dylan, 'The Times They Are A-Changin'' Bob Dylan's old friend Tony Glover tells an amazing story about finding a draft of "The Times They Are A-Changin'" in a typewriter: "I said to
    him, 'What is this shit, man?' And he responded, 'Well, you
    know, it
    seems to be what the people like to hear.'" Whether or not Dylan really
    wrote the protest anthem in a moment of cynicism, it remains one of the
    defining works of the 1960s. It was released weeks after JFK's death and
    just a few months before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed. It was a
    time of tectonic cultural shifts, and Dylan summed it up in a
    three-minute folk song.
    TV Movie, The Times They are a Changing' (1964)...
  • Joseph Zernik 3 Buffalo Springfield, 'For What It's Worth' Contrary to widespread belief, Stephen Stills didn't write "For What It's Worth" about Vietnam. He wrote the song in late 1966 out of
    solidarity with Sunset Strip hippies who fought the police over a
    ntial new curfew. The song became Buffalo Springfield's breakthrough
    hit, launching the careers of both Stills and Neil Young. Countless
    replays in movies and Time Life commercials may have slightly dulled its
    impact, but it remains a classic.
    S.O.S Please if you like this song positive rate, there is a...
  • Joseph Zernik 2 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, 'Ohio' Days after the Kent State massacre, Neil Young saw a photo of 14-year-old Mary Ann Vecchio kneeling over the dead body of college
    student Jeffrey Miller. He poured his rage and sorrow into the lyrics to
    o" and called his Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young bandmates into the
    studio the following day to record the new song. Even though "Teach
    Your Children" was all over the radio, the label rushed the finished
    product out, and it was playing over the air before week's end. CSNY
    broke up just a few months later, making "Ohio" their furious final
    statement – at least until the many reunion tours.
  • Joseph Zernik 1 Bob Dylan, 'Masters of War' The very week that Bob Dylan arrived in New York City, outgoing president Dwight Eisenhower warned the country about the dangers of the
    "military-industrial complex." His words were largely ignored, and just
    two years
    later the world was even closer to nuclear war. Meanwhile, the
    arms industry was making a fortune and spreading money all over
    Washington, D.C. The situation enraged Dylan, and he funneled this anger
    into the caustic "Masters of War." "I hope you die and your death will
    come soon," he wrote. "I'll follow your casket in the pale afternoon and
    I'll watch while you're lowered to your death bed and I'll stand over
    your grave 'til I'm sure that you're dead." It's hard to get much
    harsher than that.
    Live at the legendary Carnegie Hall concert, here's hoping the masters of war die tomorrow