Monday, November 26, 2012

12-11-27 Great Thanksgiving retail data... are they real?

Here is the summary of the Thanksgiving sales data from recent years, copied from Wikipedia. 
Retail sales for the weekend roese almost 50% from 2008 to 2012 (not corrected for inflation).  I just don't understand all the talk about recession/depression, disastrous unemployment rates with such amazing expansion.
Unless the data should not be trusted...
The National Retail Federation releases figures on the sales for each Thanksgiving weekend.
YearDateSurvey Published

Total Spent

2012Nov 22Nov 25

$59.1 billion

2011Nov 24Nov 27

$52.5 billion

2010Nov 25Nov 28

$45.0 billion

2009Nov 26Nov 29

$41.2 billion

2008Nov 27Nov 30

$41.0 billion

12-11-27 Catalonia elections - a win for the drive for independence

Catalonia election: Separatists win majority

CiU leader Artur Mas (25 Nov)Catalan President Artur Mas says he will consult the people on independence within four years
Voters in Spain's Catalonia region have given a majority to parties seeking Catalan independence.
However, Catalan President Artur Mas, who called the early election and pushed for independence, lost seats.
His centre-right CiU remains the largest bloc, winning 50 seats out of 135, down from 62 last time.
The left-wing separatist ERC won 21 seats. But a BBC correspondent says despite their combined majority, the parties may be unable to work together.