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11-09-08 Project Censored

Project Censored Celebrates 35 Years

Celebrates 35 Years In 1976 Dr. Carl Jensen Founded Project Censored. We are the longest...

11-09-07 Obama feared a coup // Obama teme un golpe de Estado // 奥巴马担心政变

Does the US Constitution matter any longer...

Obama Team Feared Coup If He Prosecuted War Crimes

President-Elect Obama's advisers feared in 2008 that authorities would oust him in a coup and that Republicans would block his policy agenda if he prosecuted Bush-era war crimes, according to a law school dean who served as one of Obama's top transition advisers.

University of California at Berkeley Law School Dean Christopher Edley, Jr., above, the sixth highest-ranking member of the 2008 post-election transition team preparing Obama's administration, revealed the team's thinking on Sept. 2 in moderating a forum on 9/11 held by his law school (also known as Boalt Hall). Edley was seeking to explain Obama's "look forward" policy on suspected Bush-era law-breaking that the president-elect announced on a TV talk show in January 2009.

But Edley's rationale implies that Obama, or at least his team, feared the military/national security forces that the president is supposed be commanding -- and that Republicans have intimidated him right from the start of his presidency even after voters in 2008 rejected Republicans by the largest combined presidential-congressional mandate in recent U.S. history.


11-09-07 Euro Can't Survive // Euro no puede sobrevivir // 欧元无法生存

UBS: Euro Can't Survive, Demise to Spark Chaos

Wednesday, 07 Sep 2011 12:39 PM
By Forrest Jones

The euro cannot exist in its current state, and with its demise authoritarianism and possibly civil war could consume parts of Europe, global financial giant UBS writes in a report.

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11-09-08 Protest against Cheney's War Crimes // Protesta contra los crímenes de guerra de Cheney // 切尼的战争罪行的抗议

Cheney 'War Criminal' protest crowd at his book talk

Human rights defenders protest Dick Cheney as War Criminal at his book presentation September 7, 2011

Dick Cheney, promoting his new book, was met by approximately 75 human rights defenders wanting him indicted for war crimes, wearing orange jumpsuits and black hoods, chanting in megaphones outside Nixon Presidential Library & Museum in the conservative Yorba Linda, Orange County, CA. Wednesday night before the former Vice President's presentation there.

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11-09-08 Welcome Singapore! // Bienvenido Singapur! // 欢迎新加坡!

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