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12-04-14 Juvenile Detention in the United States

Caldwell Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center Harrison County Juvenile Detention Center in Biloxi, Mississippi. Restraint chair for self-abusive juveniles at the Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center in Madison, WI

On any given night in the U.S., there are approximately 60,500 youth confined in juvenile correctional facilities...
It is one of the most profitable parts of the privatized prison industry, with prisons being paid up to $150,000 per juvenile per year by government...  
Juvenile confinement has also been shown to be a thoroughly corrupt system in Los Angeles County, California, in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and in Glynn County, Georgia...
Part of the expanding American Gulag...
Uncompromising Photos Expose Juvenile Detention in America 
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[3] 11-11-13 Glynn County, Georgia: Kids for cash redux? 
10-05-01 Kids for Cash Luzerne County Pennsylvania vs Los Angeles County California ABA Journal news and comments
[5] 10-06-10 ACLU: With 5 Percent of the Worlds Population US Holds 25 Percent of Prisoners
[6] 11-11-13 In re Imprisonment of Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III, in Monroe County, Tennessee - “What goes on there is more like gulags of centuries ago.”

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12-04-13 What is going on in Fukushima?


Fukushima: The Crisis Continues

By - John Reimann

The Fukushima-Dai-Ichi… (reactors) have generated some of the largest concentrations of radioactivity on the planet…85 times more Cesium-137 than Chernobyl. [Its release] would destroy the world environment and our civilization. This is not rocket science, nor does it connect to the pugilistic debate over nuclear power plants. This is an issue of human survival. So commented Japan’s former Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata speaking to Budgetary Committee of the House of Councilors on March 22, 2012. Others have calculated that at the very least the city of Tokyo and its surrounding area would have to be evacuated, thus threatening the continued existence of Japan as a viable nation.

Thus, while the media coverage of the Fukushima disaster has lessened, the actual threat that Fukushima poses may be greater than ever.


Battle of Athens, Tennessee (August 1-2, 1946) - landmark event in Human Rights and constitutional history of the United States - censored on Wikipedia

The Battle of Athens, where WWII veterans successfully conducted an armed rebellion against corrupt coutny government, is relevant to conditions across the United States today for numerous reasons.  Wikipedia's censorship of the entry is not a unique case at all...

  [] []
Young WWII veterans shooting at the County Jail, the County Jail - site of the action, and a commemorative sign in Athens, TN.

Battle of Athens, Tennessee (August 1-2, 1946) - landmark event in Human Rights and constitutional history in the United States

In the battle of Athens, Tennessee, a small group of young WWII veterans initiated in August 1946 an armed rebellion against the corrupt county government. 

The veterans did so in a county that had been thoroughly corrupt for a couple of decades, with a sheriff department and county courts practicing false arrests, false convictions, and false imprisonment, and county government that engaged in falsifying elections. 

The rebellion was initiated after repeated requests for enforcement of the rule of law by the US Department of Justice were ignored.

The two-day armed rebellion ended with the disbanding of the corrupt county government and conduct of open elections for new county government.

None of the participants was ever prosecuted for the armed rebellion.

Given the similarities between conditions in Athens, Tennessee, prior to the rebellion, and conditions prevailing throughout the United States today, the case has major implications:

  •  Both then and now, core part of the corruption was/is a system, where individuals financially benefit from false convictions and false imprisonment.
  •  Both then and now, the US Constitution was/is not upheld by the US Government and the US DOJ.
  •  The general draft and the homecoming of the WWII veterans were key to the restoration of the Human Rights of the oppressed People of McKinn County, Tennessee. The veterans' role in the current civil unrest is steadily growing.
  •  Both then and now, winning honest election under conditions of government corruption was/is practically impossible. 
Wikipedia as a corporate/government organ

Wikipedia's treatment of the entry for the Battle of Athens is not unique at all. [1-5]

Recent history of the entry for Battle of Athens on Wikipedia documents the censorship:

* April 12, 2012
The short entry was cryptic, and included a comment regarding 'missing information regarding the battle itself and the aftermath'.

The entry portrayed the rebels as drunk veterans:

'There were several beer joints and honky-tonks around Athens; we were pretty wild...'
* April 13, 2012
Text was added, including, but not limited to:
Once the GI candidates' victory had been certified, they cleaned up county government, the jail was fixed, newly elected officials accepted a $5,000 pay limit and Mansfield supporters who resigned were replaced.
The general election on November 5 passed quietly. McMinn County residents, having restored the rule of law, returned to their daily lives... (Byrum pp. 232-33; see also New York Times, 9 August 1946, p. 8).
The 79th Congress adjourned on August 2, 1946, when the Battle of Athens ended. However, Representative John Jennings Jr. from Tennessee decried McMinn County's sorry situation under Cantrell and Mansfield and the Justice Department's repeated failures to help the McMinn County residents. Jennings was delighted that " long last, decency and honesty, liberty and law have returned to the fine county of McMinn.. " (Congressional Record, House; U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1946; Appendix, Volume 92, Part 13, p. A4870).
None of the rebels was ever prosecuted.
* April 13, 2012
- All added text was deleted within 5 hours. 
- The April 12, 2012 text was restored.
- The comment regarding missing information was deleted. 
- The entry was locked, to prevent any changes.

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[1] 12-04-13 Battle of Athens, TN (1946) � Landmark event in Human Rights and constitutional history of the United States (includes both Wikipedia and JFPO entries on the subject)
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[3] 11-03-07 Judicial Corruption and Human Rights Violations in the US? Not on Wikipedia
[4] 11-11-24 Wikipedia on 1) Barack Obama, and 2) #Occupy  a propaganda tool of the corporate-government complex
[5] 11-12-02 Wikipedia as a Propaganda Tool  Posse Comitatus Act (1878) and current martial law in the United States.


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