Wednesday, February 6, 2013

13-02-07 Mount Carmel - Haifa in the winter

Cyclemens flower everywhere

But the scars of the Intifada are here to stay... street-side memorials for those killed, Arabs, Jews, 14-41 years of age.  Regardless, Haifa is considered an oasis of convivencia.

13-02-07 Rothschild Avenue before the general election

Rothschild Avenue (the Tel Aviv equivalent of La Rambla in Bacelona) was dominated by graffiti, encampment of the "F" party.  The new upstart party had a simple agenda - "F the system".  It never made it to the Knesset...


Short video interview with Ron, one of the ideologues of the "F" party:
" F is a respectable letter in the alphabet, please help us F the system..."

13-03-07 Jaffa by night

Viewed across the small bay from Tel Aviv

13-02-07 Haifa as a missile ready Mediterranean city of the Medieval-Digital Era

Soon, Haifa will be one of the most missile-ready cities in the world.  With it, it will gradually gain a contemporary/medieval look.  New homes are built to new standards, to include missile, unconventional weapons safe rooms for each residential unit.  Older homes are upgraded, by adding such rooms, often as a fortified tower, protruding from the original building.
It is all part of the Medieval-Digital Era.


Other medieval Mediterranean cities: Jaffa, San Gimignano, Malta

13-02-07 Facebook Art: NDAA and killings by Presidential directives