Saturday, April 30, 2022

2022-04-30 The Israeli judiciary and "Edna Carnaval"

Tempest in a teapot: Text messages between notorious, then Israel Bar Chair Effi Naveh and then Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shak have been leaked and published on "Edna Carnaval" web site. The chats detail various political deals, based on extraneous motives, pertaining to appointment of Supreme Court justices. Therefore, the leak is particularly damaging to the Israeli judiciary in general, and Israeli Supreme Court Presiding Justice Esther Hayut, who features in the text messages, in particular.

The content of Effi Naveh's hacked cell phone is prohibited for publication in Israel, under gag orders issued by the courts.

By hearsay, the content of Effi Naveh's hacked cell phone includes incriminating evidence against hundreds of judges.

Yesterday, Effi Naveh filed a complaint with the Israel Police against journalist Hadas Shteif, claiming that she was behind the leak.

Such complaint and the assertion that Shteif was involved appear contrived.

To wit, the anonymous writer of "Edna Carnaval" states that he holds a copy of the entire cell phone in his home in California, and asks for help in identifying the voices of those in recorded phone calls in the cell phone.

In the meanwhile, the Israeli State Attorney Shay Nitzan filed a request with US authorities to remove the blog site "Edna Carnaval". One can assume that Nitzan claimed that such a blog amounted to "Internet Terrorism" - the same ludicrous claim made against blogger Lori Shem Tov et al.

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