Monday, February 3, 2014

14-02-03 Snowden interview on German TV, uploaded on - another reminder of the Soviet era...

The Germans clearly take the Snowden affair very seriously.  That was my impression during my last stay in Germany as well.  

However, the entire episode of Snowden on Liveleak of all places is wierd. is NOT an authentic leaking site.  

Read Turley below, for more info.

I routinely post on Liveleak, where I have held a channel since about 2008.  However, is obviously NOT an authentic leaking site.    My original channel, which focused on corruption on the courts in the US was blocked.  I then started a second channel. On the current channel I have close to a million reads.  However, posts, which are  related to corruption of the Israeli Supreme Court are routinely manipulated through online content management...

Whichever way you read this story in its multiple levels, it is so Soviet Union era...

Keep your copy and fax machines!  Soon reliable information may be transmitted in the underground that way, like the Soviet-era Samizdat.  Or maybe on small disk on keys???

In short: 
What Snowden said in the interview becomes secondary to the story of the manipulations related to the distribution of his words...

14-02-01 ISRAEL: Hypersensitivity to news of fraud and corruption in the Israeli Supreme Court on

The online content management is particularly visible on Posts that pertain to corruption of the Israeli Supreme Court, are permanently stuck at "0" views, even after comments by readers are posted... :)
Online Content Management  is a growing business in Israel, according to media, where good sums of money are spent.  Examples: Falsely increasing viewership of song clips on Youtube, making Google searches avoid news of a prominent pop singer sex with minors scandal.
I guess fraud and criminality in the Supreme Court falls more in line with the latter example... :)
Edward Snowden speaks: US blackout of interview
By Charlton Stanley, Weekend Contributor
NSA logo smallLast Sunday, former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden was interviewed for the German television network ARD.  The interview was big news in Germany and much of the world in both print and broadcast media. However, the interview appears to have been blocked intentionally by US government authorities. In fact, the media in the US appears to have gone to ‘radio silence’ about it. It has been posted on YouTube several times, but is taken down almost immediately.  The video site Vimeo has it embedded, but as I write this, Vimeo is under a DDoS attack.  LiveLeak also has it, and that video is embedded in this report by Jay Syrmopoulos for  Ben Swann’s news page.
Mr. Snowden spoke candidly in a thirty-minute English language interview with the reporter from ARD.
He says his “breaking point” was “seeing Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, directly lie under oath to Congress.” That was when Clapper denied the existence of a domestic spying programs when he testified before Congress in March of last year. Snowden added, “The public had a right to know about these programs. The public had a right to know that which the government is doing in its name, and that which the government is doing against the public.”
In case Ben Swann’s page is taken down, along with the LiveLeak video, here is the interview on Vimeo. Offered without commentary, since Edward Snowden can speak for himself.
By Edward Snowden
German Television does first Edward Snowden Interview
German Television Channel NDR does an exclusive interview with Edward Snowden. However, it was uploaded on LiveLeak because, evidently LiveLeak believes the German Television thinks the rest of the world isn't interested in Edward Snowden.