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12-12-06 Misc News of the Abuse - police terror in the United States


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WANNA SEE A FUCKED UP VID?........ Starts with a GOOD FBI GUY- ...SUB TWICE..seems the button is quietly broken..hmmm? LOL..............More VIDS here....WATCH: The REST of the UPLOADS on this channel. PROOF of a militarization for a "POLICE STATE".... Camera's and "data collectors" across America.... POLICE get DOD military equip for "FREE" with a form....ON & ON.
Anaheim.... "Police shooting women and children"....coming to a town near you.

THE SHEEP IN THIS VID..should bother you just as much......Police DOOMSDAY PREP 1: Where to hide the uniform. Ya, I know, "they aren't all bad". I have known a few that were great guys. At this point, if you are wearing a uniform, and not speaking out, you are "COMPLICIT"..look it up if you don't know what it means. There are more than enough MSM vids on this channel to show you all need to keep your "oath".



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12-12-04 Who's Lying? US denies Iran captured ScanEagle drone over Gulf

Who's Lying? US denies Iran captured ScanEagle drone over Gulf

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Tehran has claimed it captured a US spy drone in the Persian Gulf after the unmanned aircraft entered Iranian airspace, Iran's Press TV reported. The US Navy denied the claim, saying that none of its drones in the Gulf region were lost. READ MORE: