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14-03-15 US: Government gone rogue!

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There is no doubt that the US has undergone and unannounced regime change.  
The fact that the US Constitution is no longer in force and effect is widely recognized, if even Time magazine, a bastion of corporate media acknowledged it...
But the reality is that with totalitatian surveillance, denial of the right to organize and demonstrate, there is no way for legitimate peaceful political action to fix the situation in the United States.
The recent confrontation between Senator Feinstein and CIA is just the most recent example.
The chance for restoration of the US Constitution in our lifetime is slim.
Secession, another legitimate approach, is likely to be violently opposed by the current rogue regime.
11-12-10 Where should Occupy go next? Civil Disobedience in the footsteps of Thoreau and Gandhi!
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12-06-08 Courts and Judges as racketeering enterprises under RICO (the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) - key element in the current financial crisis
Secede! The US in its current form is simply unmanageable... 12-01-01 Secession - A Smart Business Move!
Get Up, stand up, stand up for your rights!____________________
Take away justice, then, and what are governments but great bandit bands?
Saint Augustine, Civitas Dei (City of God,4.4)

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The government of the the United States has gone ROGUE.

Is It Time To Overthrow The Government Of The United States?

Everyday there are more incidents of the federal government ignoring the Constitution, abusing its power and violating the rights of American citizens.

This is a government that everyday proves that it is lawless, not legitimate and that has gone ROGUE.

14-03-15 US: NSA, Facebook and totalitarian snooping - business as usual...

14-03-15 Hello world!

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14-03-14 ISRAEL: Palestinian former PM Abu Alaa in Tel Aviv

===14-03-14 ISRAEL: Palestinian former PM Abu Alaa in Tel Aviv===
Part of the surrealistic situation: 
Friday morning, Abu Alaa (Ahmed Ali Mohammed Qurei) appeared in a political conference in Tel Aviv, to discuss the peace process.
Full house. No visible special security. 
No security check even in the entrance to the conference hall...
Full access to the speakers to anybody who showed up during snack intermission and small discussion groups...
Same conference I had a chance to chat with a couple of members of Knesset (parliament), one of them, I had corresponded with for a while - she provided help to the OccupyTLV camp.
There is a beauty in smallness, which Americans often fail to understand.
Secede! The US in its current form is simply unmanageable...
 12-01-01 Secession - A Smart Business Move!

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[sorry for the low quality pic - Abu Alaa and the sign language interpreter]

14-03-14 ISRAEL: Cסrruption of the Supreme Court... story is getting traction abroad!

US media won't publish stories of corruption of the courts there, but do publish stories of corruption of the Israeli courts... The same way that Israeli media won't publish stories of corruption of the courts in Israel.
That is typical: Media are afraid of the vengeful judges!

OpEdNews Op Eds 3/12/2014 at 11:02:00

Israel: Supreme Court Presiding Justice Asher Grunis refuses to explain the appointment of new "Chief Clerk"...

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14-03-14 Hello world!

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14-03-14 Forget the NSA, even the Los Angeles Police Dept is snooping on millions illegally...

===14-03-14 Forget the NSA, even the Los Angeles Police Dept is snooping on millions illegally...===
And if there were not enough snooping technology in the US, a senior delegation of LAPD was in Israel last month, to review the latest in snooping technology here.
Then again, maybe it was a taxpayer sponsored pilgrimage...
The entire discussion on any remaining force and effect of the US Constitution is so passe...
Forget the NSA, the LAPD Spies on Millions of Innocent Folks