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Anonymous calls Obama a terrorist, vetoes NDAA

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Deborah Dupre

, Human Rights Examiner
January 4, 2012

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Aside from high-tech Robin Hood hacker Anonymous making headline news Wednesday for its disrailing neo-Nazi websitesand targeting brutal California police, the group has issued a message calling President Barack Obama and co-authors of National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) "terrorists" and demanding that the president resign because he has no right or authority to implement a bill that contradicts the Constitution of the American people. Anonymous vows to remove the corrupt leaders from government and says, "We The People! Veto" the president's NDAA decision.

"We The People! Veto your decision to implement the National Defense Authorization Act," states Anonymous in a Jan. 3 written and recorded statement via a Youtube video to perpetrators who voted for the NDAA.



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