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11-08-15 Epidemic of Foreclosure Fraud // Epidemia de ejecuciones hipotecarias contra el Fraude // 流行的取消抵押品赎回权欺诈

Jim Hightower | America's Illegal Foreclosure Epidemic
Jim Hightower, Other Words: "To foreclose on someone's home, an authorized bank employee must sign the foreclosure document, swearing that the facts in it are true. But that requires hiring people to review each case. To avoid that cost, they take an illegal shortcut by signing the name of someone who has not read the document and might not even exist."
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11-08-15 US Military Spending // El gasto en EE.UU. Militar// 美国的军费开支

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August 15, 2011

The Real U.S. Budget Problem:
Defense & War Spending Equal 94% Of All Federal Income Tax Revenues

11-08-15 US Income distribution // EE.UU. La distribución del ingreso // 美国的收入分配

Meet the Global Financial Elites Controlling $46 Trillion In Wealth

The graph below, based on data from the Tax Policy Center, shows how much income is earned by a household at any given percentile in income distribution:
The highest bracket for annual income is $50 million or more. Only 74 Americans are in this elite group. The average income within this category was $91.2 million in 2008. As astonishing as that is, in 2009 they averaged $518.8 million each, or about $10 million per week. This means, in the depths of the recession, the richest 74 Americans increased their income by more than five times within this one year. These 74 people made more money than 19 million workers combined.
In context, overall, the richest 400 people in the US have as much wealth as 154 million Americans combined, that’s 50 percent of the entire country. The top economic 1 percent of the US population now has a record 40 pecent of all wealth, and have more wealth than 90 percent of the population combined.

11-08-15 Welcome Greece! //Bienvenido Grecia! // 欢迎希腊!

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11-08-15 Welcome Netherlands! // Bienvenido Holanda! // 欢迎荷兰!

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