Monday, March 10, 2008

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March 10, 2008

Dear Friend:

As a person related to Bet Tzedek - the "House of Justice", the Jewish, and/or the legal community, I wanted to share with you a short public record, filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on March 7, 2008, describing justice by a "House of Justice" team - Sandor Samuels - current President (also Chief Legal Counsel, Countrywide Financial Corporation), Att. David Pasternak - former President , and the Honorable Judge Terry Friedman - former Executive Director.

The concluding statement says:
'This episode, where the current President of the “House of Justice”, the formerPresident of the “House of Justice”, and the former Executive Director of the “House ofJustice” are actively colluding in fraud and/or obstruction, is a farce of Justice.'

Joseph Zernik
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