Tuesday, October 1, 2013

13-10-01 US: No Freedom of the Press

After Obama declared himself a few years ago as global policeman of Freedom of the Press, with Sonden hiding in Russia, Assange holed up in Ecuador embassy in London, and Manning in military prison, it turns out the US itself is the greatest danger for Freedom of the Press worldwide! jz
Demand That Attorney General Holder Stop the Harassment of Journalists 

NPR's On the Media just reported that one of its journalists, Sarah Abdurrahman, was detained with her family at the U.S. border in Niagara Falls for six hours without explanation.

13-10-02 US: Low grade civil war! Chicago train's mysterious move harms dozens...

Following various recent violent incidents, and ongoing attitudes among the US public, one should wonder, whether the US in fact is in the midst of a low grade civil war! jz


Train mysteriously runs loose in Chicago, injuring dozens

A Chicago commuter train that was parked in a service yard somehow moved onto a rail line and smashed into an oncoming train early Monday, injuring dozens of people. A central question: whether anyone had climbed on board the empty train and set it in motion. "In order for a train to move, it has to be energized," said Ronald Ester, vice president of CTA Rail Operations.

13-10-01 Facebook art: Occupy Barcelona on US gov shutdown.

1/10/2013 USA. "Hace tres semanas había bastante dinero para enviar bombas a Siria y hoy estan arañando el fondo de los bolsillos para poder enviar el correo" #shutdown (Traducción sintética)
1/10/2013 USA. "Three weeks ago had enough money to send bombs to Syria and today are scratching the bottom of the pockets to be able to send mail" #shutdown (synthetic translation) (Translated by Bing)

13-10-01 Facebook art: Government shutdown...

Occupy Wall St. added a new photo.