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11-10-08 People's Reporting in the Medieval-Digital Era // Informes de la gente en la época medieval-Digital // 在中世纪的数字化时代的人民的报告

We need to establish a network of People's reporting.  Highest priority reporting pertains to radiation and persons' unusual deaths or disappearances.

I see people from around the world on a daily basis, particularly from Europe.  The overall mood is somewhat anxious, sometimes desperate, but always no trust of government and corporate media information.

There is also a real concern regarding repression of the People's internet communications. [1]  

Recent events surrounding Assange and Wikileaks, and blackout of the Occupy Wall Street events demonstrate the ease with which news are manipulated today. [2] Corporate control of news media and access to digital information enable easy flooding of the networks with false data, to the point that the authentic data will simply be drowned.

Therefore, the need for more people's reporting is obvious.

I believe that the most urgent areas, where independent reporting is needed are:

  a) Radiation levels
  • A couple of weeks ago there an accident in the Marcoule, France, where one person was "carbonized" and four others seriously hurt. It was for a few hours on the news, in a minor way, then covered up as "industrial", "non-nuclear" accident.  There is no way that I know of to get independent radiation data from Europe.  However, media reported that the French are notorious for cheating on radiation problems, as seen during the Chernobyl disaster:  Germany reported a cloud of radioactivity passing over it, but the French claimed there was no radiation in France (but it reached England and North America).  Coincidentally, France's nuclear industry is one of the biggest in the world.
  • The same problem was seen of course also in Japan, where eventually some international monitors got involved in measuring radiation, because the Japanese data were not trusted by people inside or outside Japan. 
People believe that one way or another (civil or military), there is a real risk of a nuclear disaster in Europe, where there are nuclear plants going back to the early 50's, which are still in operation.

  b) Unusual deaths or disappearances of persons
  • There is widespread fear, for obvious reasons, regarding the loss of fundamental Human Rights in "western democracies".
  • With economic collapse, repression is likely to dramatically intensify. 
The technology:

There is of course a need to consult experts in the various fields.

As first approximation:

In order to create an independent network of reporters, it may be necessary to generate short reports, to be posted anonymously online, providing the general area from which they were derived.  Such reports may be a few seconds worth of video (e.g. of your radiation gauge, which you can get today for a few dollars.  It does not have to be the most accurate, as long as you operate it in a consistent manner).

In order to make any such reporting worthwhile, it must be launched well in advance, on a routine basis (e.g. every week, every several weeks...), so that there is sufficient baseline data to detect manipulations, falsifications, etc, through statistical analysis.

Separately, there is a need for reporting (anonymous or not), by people, who have the freedom to travel to various parts of the world on business or pleasure, in order to improve data authenticity. [3]

Needless to say, the issues outlined above are part of the setting in of the Medieval-Digital Era. [4]


[1] 11-09-23 Fear of Repression of Internet Communications in the United States…_Chronicles of Higher Education
[2] 11-09-21 Want to Know What is Going on in the Anonymous Wall Street Occupation? Read Russia Today!
[3] 11-09-15 PRESS RELEASE: Civil Unrest in the United States – Preparing Quick Deployment National and International Observers
[4] 11-09-09 The Medieval-Digital Era / Robber Baron Revival Era - User_InproperinLA - Wikipedia - soon to be deleted
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11-10-07 Occupy Wall Street goes global // Ocupan de Wall Street se vuelve global // 占据华尔街走向全球

Information Clearing House Newsletter
News You Wont Find On CNN
October 07, 2011

Occupy Wall Street:
The Most Important Thing in the World Now

By Naomi Klein

When people are panicked and desperate and no one seems to know what to do, that is the ideal time to push through their wish list of pro-corporate policies: privatizing education and social security, slashing public services, getting rid of the last constraints on corporate power.

Why Bother the Bankers?
"Blood-suckers of Wall Street"

By John Weeks

Those who garner these financial riches, the "malefactors of great wealth" (Theodore Roosevelt), demonstrate repeatedly that their institutional mission is the destruction of the wealth of society not its creation.

Eric Cantor Condemns Occupy Wall Street 'Mobs

By Huffington Post

"This administration's failed policies have resulted in an assault on many of our nation's bedrock principles," he said. "If you read the newspapers today, I, for one, am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country."

False Hope
"What the hell is wrong with you?"

By Louis Farrakhan

This nation is not about poor people.... This Nation is about rich people!

Obama's Good Cop/ Bad Cop
Don't Let Him Get Away With It: Occupy Wall St

By Michael Hudson

Here's the deal the Democratic leadership has made with the Republicans.

Lawyers With Borders Opposes Occupation of Wall Street

By Brian J. Foley

"If people occupy Wall Street and use up our First Amendment right, how will Wall Street be able to tell us what to think?"

Global Revolution
Live Video from Occupy Wall Street And Freedom Plaza DC

Video Stream - Chat - Twitter

This channel will feature live streams from global non violent revolution spreading across the globe, with broadcasts from Wall Street Occupation in NYC.

Bloodied but defiant:

10,000 Greek strikers and police in running battles as debt-ridden country starts a 24-hour walkout:

Costs of UK's colonial war in Libya spiral:

According to the figures compiled by Defense Analysis editor Francis Tulsa, the war has cost around £1.75 billion so far.

UK: Antiwar Mass Assembly 8 October 2011: Trafalgar Square *

Not signed the pledge to be there yet? Sign it now...

Ireland: OccupyDameStreet - Central Bank of Ireland - Tomorrow! -

 (October 8, 2011) from 2pm

The rise of the silver protester:

Now senior citizens and veterans take to the streets in Occupy Wall Street demonstrations

Wall Street protests spread to US capital:

The "Stop the Machine" rally organised by a group called "October 2011" echoed the demands of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement in New York that drew more than 5,000 people, including labour-union support, on Thursday.


OccupyDC Takes Freedom Plaza : Video:

Activists gathered on Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC, on Thursday to fight for economic and social justice.!

Occupy SF camp broken up by police:

San Francisco police and public works crews dismantled a Financial District encampment early Thursday that had been occupied for nearly a week by activists protesting economic inequality.

'My night stick's gonna get a work out tonight':

NYPD officer caught bragging about beating protesters as several U.S. cities hit by Wall Street demonstrations

This may be worse than the Great Depression: Bank of England Governor:

The Bank of England caught financial markets by surprise yesterday by announcing that it will inject £75bn into the ailing British economy over the next four months.

"It's Going to Get a Lot Worse": ECRI's Achuthan Says New Recession Unavoidable:

Weakness in leading economic indicators has become so pervasive the Economic Cycle Research Institute now predicts a new recession is unavoidable.

"Let us be peace and joy"

Tom Feeley

11-10-07 Occupy Wall Street, Day 21: 99% vs. 1% - 853 Cities Across the World_ Alternet // Ocupan de Wall Street, Día 21: 99% vs% 1 a 853 ciudades de todo el Mundo _ Alternet // 占领长城,街第21天:99%和1% - 在世界各地853个城市


99% vs. 1% -- The Latest on Occupy Wall St. Movement: 853 Cities Across the World Shoring Up for the Long Haul

It's Day 21 of Occupy Wall St. (#OWS), a movement that has inspired Americans all over the country to fight Wall St.'s assault on their political and economic rights. Wednesday, in the biggest action yet, over 20,000 people marched in Lower Manhattan. Occupations have sprung in hundreds of cities all over the country. Occupy Wall Street is only getting bigger.

9910:01 PM AlterNet Executive Editor Don Hazen sends in this awesome photo from today's DC protests: