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13-01-08 The latest on Obama's fake personal records

Birth Certificates from Hawaii, 1961:
a)      Obama's digitally-generated birth certificate, released by the White House, and
b)      Authentic microfilm copies of contemporary birth certificates.

From: Orly Taitz
Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2013 2:54 PM
To: bob
Subject: Judge England de facto says that it is o'k to steal property or position with forged IDs, you can keep stolen property forever
Judge England de facto says that it is o'k to steal property or position with forged IDs, you can keep stolen property forever

Judge England case: Emergency relief of the Temporary restraining order was not granted but the case goes on. Some of the statements by the judge are shocking, he de facto says that if one can steal a property with forged IDs and was not caught because nobody wanted to hear the case on the merits, then he can keep the stolen property scotts free forever!!!

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Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Attorney Orly Taitz, who filed suit to stop the counting of electoral votes, is greeted by supporters Gregory Kofman, center and Alexander Gofen, right, outside the Robert T. Mastui Federal Courthouse in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013. U.S. District Court Judge Morrison C. England said the case is unlikely to succeed and rejected Taitz’ petition for a restraining order to halt the counting of electoral votes scheduled for Friday.
We had a hearing yesterday before judge England Chief Judge of the U.S. district Court of the US. Eastern District of California in Sacramento.
I had a problem with my flight, arrived late home after the hearing, did not sleep a night before and decided to wait till the morning to write a full report.
Bottom line, the case goes on, but the emergency relief was not granted.
US attorney conceded that if Obama is sued as a candidate, and not a federal employee, he cannot be represented by the Department of Justice, he cannot be represented by the U.S. attorney’s office.
The arguments given by the defense were outrageous at best. AG of Ca did not say much, most of the argument came from the US attorney.
There was media in the courtroom. Associated press reporter and photographer greeted me at the entrance and took pictures. AP reported that the courtroom was overflowing with people, was packed and most of the people were not Obama supporters. There were probably a total of a 100 people there. After the hearing people were shaking my hand, thanking me for the fight, while a number of people yelled out “mockery” as the judge was leaving the courtroom, indicating that the behavior of the judge was a mockery of justice. As I left the courtroom a large croud gathered and people were applauding me and chanting and thanking for standing up to criminals and corruption.
US attorney stated at the hearing that there is no requirement for the US President to have a valid birth certificate and a valid selective service certificate and a valid Social Security number, that the U.S. Constitution does not state that the president is supposed to have valid papers.
The judge nodded and told me, indeed the U.S. constitution does not require the US President to have valid IDs.
I responded to him that the U.S. Constitution does not require the President to have a pulse also. There is nothing in the U.S. constitution saying that the U.S. President is supposed to have any brain activity, however it is common sense to believe or at least hope that the U.S. President should have a pulse and a brain activity. Similarly the U.S. Constitution does not say that the birth certificate of the President should not be forged, however it is common sense to believe that if the President has to be a natural born citizen, he should have a valid birth certificate and not a computer generated forgery, that he would not be using a stolen Social Security number and a forged selective service certificate.
I stated that I provided him with a sworn affidavit of Jeffrey Stephen Coffman, former chief investigator of the special investigations unit of the US Coast Guard and a former special agent of the Department of the Homeland Security, who attested under penalty of perjury that Obama’s Selective Service certificate is an altered document, a forgery, for this reason alone Obama is not allowed to work in the executive branch, not as a President , not as a janitor in the White house. One is not allowed to work in the executive branch of the U.S. Government if he did not registered with the selective service.
The judge simply ignored this point, he could not care less and could not be bothered with something as unimportant as violation of law.
Then I raised the point of one and a half million invalid voter registrations In California, judge did not respond, could not care less about flagrant fraud in elections in CA.
I told him that my clients are Presidential electors and presidential candidates, he ignored that. I told him that Grinols is the elector for Romney, who came in second. the judge said: what don’t you understand about being second? I said that I do understand, that if one, who came in first, is using forged iDs and not qualified, then one who came in second, will be declared a winner. (I was thinking to myself, what a question, does the judge understand this simple consept?)
I told him that Obama posted his tax returns on line, did not flatten the pdf file, it showed him using a CT SSN, which was not assigned to him according to E-verify, the judge could not be bothered with something as insignificant as a US President using a stolen Social Security number.
He said that other judges dismissed my challenges and one judge sanctioned me.
I reminded him that when Thurgood Marshall fought for the civil rights of African Americans, a number of corrupt judges dismissed his cases time and again until he found one court that was willing to deal with segregation. If Thurgood Marshall would have been intimidated, we would have segregation until today. The judge lowered his head, he was holding his head with his hands, he was clearly following the marching orders from the regime and was deeply ashamed of it. A number of people later told me that they felt that the judge looked like he was ashamed of what he was doing. I reminded the judge that Susan B. Anthony went to court after court and not only was sanctioned, she was tried and imprisoned. She spent time in prison for what was right. If she were to be intimidated and discouraged by one corrupt judge, women in this country would not have any rights up to today. The judge did not say anything, he was silent in regards to that.
I asked to allow me to put on the stand my witnesses: intelligence officer Pamela Barnett and former employee of the National Security Agency, expert in typesetting, typewriting and computer graphics with 57 years of experience Paul Irey, who would testify that the alleged copy of Obama’s birth certificate is a computer generated forgery. The judge refused to allow witnesses to testify. I told the judge that yesterday his deputy wrote an e-mail, which I posted on line on my web site, it was seen by millions of people, where she stated that witnesses will be allowed to testify, I relied on this and brought witnesses. The courtroom is full fobservers, who are anxious to hear witnesses testify. It cost me a thousand dollars to pay for the air fair, hotel, $150 for production of exhibits, the judge said no. I told him that I am a civil rights pro bono attorney, that I made all this effort based on a permission given by him through his deputy only a day earlier, but he said no.
So all I could do, was to take out the exhibits, which were large, the media could see the exhibits thad I showed that the birth certificate was a clear forgery, that one cannot type something with a type writer and get letters of all different sizes and shapes and different fonts, it can be only done by a forger, cutting and pasting letters and words from different documents.
I showed him that it is impossible to have a white hallo around words if you only place a document on the green safety paper. this is possible only with computer manipulation, with an application called unsharp mask. I showed a birth certificate of Susan Nordyke and showed how Obama’s BC was out of sequence and that the name of the registrar is different from the name of the registrar in Nordyke’s BC, which was signed during the same time. The judge did not care.
I provided him information that in Obama’s mother’s passport Obama is listed under the name Soebarkah, that Obama is not his legal name, the judge did not care.
I reminded him that he has affidavits from the law enforcement: Sheriff Arpaio, Investigator Zullo, Investigator Coffman, the judge did not care.
His last iron clad proof, as he took upon himself to act as an attorney for Obama, was that Obama lives in the White house, he is the president and this is the proof.
I told him that the fact that he was elected in 2008, when we did not have all the evidence, does not mean that he should be confirmed now, when we have all the evidence of forgery in his IDs. The judge said: “who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? President Obama, that means he is the president.”
Chief judge of the Eastern District of California is de facto saying: it is ok to be a thief and a forger, as long as you can forge and steal and not be caught because there isn’t one honest AG or Da or US attorney or a judge to compel production of the original documents and prosecute you for fraud, forgery and theft, then you can continue keeping the stolen property forever…
It seems that during Obama regime the only ones who get protection from the law are the criminals, the law abiding citizens are completely deprived of all of their rights, the only thing they have to protect them, is ammo. Just a year or two ago, during the Arab Spring, when people of the Middle Eastern Countries realised that they have no civil rights in their corrupt regimes, they revolted and threw off their dictators, corrupt judges on the take, corrupt law enforcement on the take with the rest of the regime. Without an honest judiciary I am afraid this will be happenning in this country in the near future.
I will request the atudio tape and the transcript. I would appreciate donations to cover the cost of the transcript, travel and the cost of maitnaining these case and this fight. Previously I was quoted very high fee for the transcript. I am posting the pleadings and the article from the local press, which is skewed.
Please, keep calling, faxing and writing the Supreme Court of the US, demand that Chief Justice John Roberts issue his ruling in Noonan et al v Obama asap
Grinols order, summons, TRO, complaint – Copy
Affidavit Jeffrey Stephen Coffman

13-01-08 More banksters' bribes for immunity

Bank of America to pay Fannie Mae billions to settle mortgage claims:
Bank of America has agreed to pay US government mortgage agency Fannie Mae $3.6bn (£2.2bn) to settle claims relating to residential home loans. In addition, it has agreed to buy back 30,000 mortgages for $6.75bn, and pay a further $1.3bn in compensation.

13-01-08 US legacy in Iraq - secret, unlawful detentions

You may recall some years ago, there were newspapers ads for qualified individuals to be hired by the US gov as part of its "nation building" efforts, to reconstruct the Iraqi justice system.  One of the first shows under the new system was Saddam Hussein's trial.  Now a later report. It looks like secret unlawful detention was one of the US legaices in Iraq.  jz

Illegal Occupation of Iraq: US-UK Crimes against Humanity
Open Letter to Foreign Secretary William Hague, M.P.,

By Felicity Arbuthnot
January 07, 2013 "Information Clearing House"
The Foreign Secretary,
The Rt. Hon., William Hague, M.P.,
And: To Whom it May Concern,
Foreign and Commonwealth Office,
London SW1.
In the light of the fact that it transpires that twenty seven Foreign Office lawyers concluded unanimously that the invasion of Iraq was illegal  I write to draw your attention to just a few of the the chilling events currently taking place in Iraq under the US-UK’s despotic, imposed, puppet Prime Minister.
Firstly, here is a list of prisons, detention facilities, interrogation centres and numbers of those held in each, as far as can be ascertained in the circumstances. As you will surely know people are routinely arbitrarily detained for weeks, months, even years, often without trial, and with one, usually under a totally inadequate or corrupt legal system. 

13-01-07 FACTA, Stanley Fischer, seizing "US Person's" accounts in Israel - story is gaining traction

The resport gained popularity on various sites, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and other Asian language sites.  Someone apparently also posted it to CNN iReport, where it was censored (for violating "community guidelines")...  Below are links to sample web sites. jz

The complaint asks the release of $250,000, unlawfully seized from "US Person" by the Israeli Bank HaPoalim, BM.  The conduct has no foundation in either the law of the State of Israel, or the law of the United States, but appears to have been induced by Bank of Israel's Stanley Fischer unparalleled, unconditional submission to the United States FACTA. Petition, previously filed with the Israeli High Court of Justice claimed that Fischer exchanged his loyalty to the State of Israel and its law with loyalty to another nation and its law, and/or loyalty to financial institutions and their interests. The case captures the financial crisis in a nutshell – criminality by financial institution is patronized by national banking regulators and the national highest courts.  In this case – under the guise of compliance with United States law by Israeli banks. Eventually, the territory of "FACTA-compliance" is likely to coincide with the territory of the financial crisis, through corruption of banking regulation of other nations, under United States coercion.
image  image
Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel - Israel’s Banking Regulator and Bilderberg Member, showing off his newly acquired Israeli ID in 2005; Supreme Court of the State of Israel, FATCA.

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