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13-08-14 Bloodbath in Cairo

At least 1,000 people killed as police move to disperse Cairo sit-ins:
Security forces launched crackdown to clear pro-Morsi camps in two squares in the Egyptian capital, killing at least 1,000 and injuring 10,000, latest reports say

Bloodbath In Cairo

Security Crackdown Kills at Least 90 people in Egypt
At least 94 people reportedly killed as security forces move to end anti-military protests by supporters of Morsi.
Egypt Police Break Up Protests
Egypt's Government Thugs Beat Me Up at the Rabaa Sit-In
By Mike Giglio
Scores of protesters are feared dead after a day of violence in Cairo. Mike Giglio was among the foreign reporters arrested and beaten by security forces.

13-08-14 Police infiltration - the story of the Occupy movement in the US and beyond...

===How I Exposed an Undercover Cop - story from the US Occupy movement===
It's the story of the Occupy movement in the US and in Israel too... Being paranoid is unwarranted, but being watchful is a must... Needless to say, the infiltration of the social protest movements, from the start, by police is in violation of fundamental Human Rights, and has a chilling effect on Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech...
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  • Joseph Zernik The situation in Israel is the same...
  • Joseph Zernik Here is the pic of Shmuel/Haim/Yoel (he used three different names within 100 meter - not particularly sophisticated), an Israeli police operative, who was attached to me for a year and a half in Jerusalem. The glasses are fake, just part of the costume...

13-08-14 Who are today's true communists? Wall street bankers!

From an online discussion group:

On 08/14/2013 12:55 PM, Joseph Zernik, Human Rights Alert (NGO) wrote:
Seeing the piece below, I remember hearing Greider in a public appearance in LA some 15 years ago.  His message was absurd:  Today's true communists are Wall Streett bankers (it was well before they were renamed Banksters).
His reasoning - they are working successfully to unite all workers of the world, by making them all equally poor!

August 4th, 2013: Matt Taibbi and William Greider

August 9th, 2013 by mgoodfriend
Mark Walsh and Dave Zirin are in the ring with guests Matt Taibbi and William Greider.
Bill Greider, the granddaddy of uber-journalists, with more than 35 years of experience reporting for publications like Rolling Stone, the Washington Post and many others, takes time from his job as National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation Magazine to tell us why Larry Summers must not be the next Fed Chief, among other things…

GZ wrote:

8:11 PM (32 minutes ago)


Have you seen or heard a bout Diana West' new book AMERICAN BETRAYAL:  The Secret Assault on Our Nations's Character (2013)? and the dust up over it?

If so, any comment?

If not, here is here the link to her website which references both dust up and the book.  And here is a link to the book.  And the wikipedia link for her.

After review, any comment?

She is also wrote THE DEATH OF THE GROWN-UP:  How America's Arrested Development is Bringing Down Western Civilization (2007) which I have referenced several times on this site/blog.  GLZ.

BH wrote:

8:11 PM (33 minutes ago)

Dr Charles Lincoln claims that securitization of mortgage notes personifies Communism.� Lincoln and Greider are both bozos, or have screws loose in their estimable cognitions.� Or they just want to hear themselves philosophize.

The principle of debt, including its derivatives, has absolutely nothing to do with Communism.� People who say otherwise offer bupkis for supporting evidence.� They might as well claim that dogs are chickens because when you eat either, your belly gets full.

Communism makes all but the rulers paupers, and so does debt.� But free people don't volunteer for Communism to rule them, and government kills those involuntary slaves who don't go along.� By contrast, in debt the slaves volunteer out of selfish motive to possess some benefit NOW that might otherwise require years of saving to afford.� What do debt and Communism have in common?� The fact that delusional idealists and crooked con artists promote it.

me (Joseph Zernik, Human Rights Alert (NGO) change

8:38 PM (8 minutes ago)

Let me do Greider some justice, because bozo he is not!
This was the early 90's.  US car workers had huge surplas in retirement funds, and Wall Steet was investing it in "Emerging Markets", building car and other manufacturing capabilities there, while letting US manufacturing die (this was years before Michael Moore's Fargo). 
China was then still an "emerging market", and Japan was perceived as the great threat... (who would have known that Japan would destroy itself through Fukushima then...) 
Greider argued that such policies, which claimed that the future of America was as a "service economy" (meaning mostly financial services...) would empoverish American workers, while lifting the standard of living of third world workers.  
Therefore, Wall Street was uniting workers of the world...
He was of course right on the money... 

13-08-14 Snowden: NSA targeted journalists critical of government after 9/11

The Hill Newspaper

Snowden: NSA targeted journalists critical of government after 9/11

By Jonathan Easley 08/13/13 08:19 AM ET
Leaker Edward Snowden accused the National Security Agency of targeting reporters who wrote critically about the government after the 9/11 attacks and warned it was “unforgivably reckless” for journalists to use unencrypted email messages when discussing sensitive matters.
Snowden said in an interview with the New York Times Magazine published Tuesday that he came to trust Laura Poitras, the documentary filmmaker who, along with Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, helped report his disclosure of secret surveillance programs, because she herself had been targeted by the NSA.

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13-08-14 US: NYPD Threw Truth-Telling Cop in Psycho Ward for 6 Days, and Tried to Talk Victims Out of Reporting Crimes for Better Stats

NYPD Threw Truth-Telling Cop in Psycho Ward for 6 Days, and Tried to Talk Victims Out of Reporting Crimes for Better Stats

A shocking tale of a police department gone haywire and a cop who paid a steep price for blowing the whistle.

13-08-14 US: Misc News of the Abuse: Philly Cop Back to Work After Punching Woman in the Face

Occupy America

Posted: 13 Aug 2013 08:30 AM PDT
Lieutenant Jonathan Josey of the Philadelphia Police Department was captured on video last September punching a woman in the face at the Puerto Rican Day parade in 2012, and was fired by Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey a short time later. After being acquitted of assault charges, the Fraternal Order of Police appealed his dismissal to an arbitrator, and after a June hearing, has now issued an 18-page decision in Josey's favor:
"The arbitrator ruled on Monday that Josey's firing was "improper" and he will be reinstated with full benefits and back pay.
Josey was fired after he was videotaped punching the victim, Aida Guzman, after the Puerto Rican Day parade last September.
She was struck in the face and fell to the ground.
During his assault trial earlier this year, Josey testified that he was trying to knock a beer bottle out of Guzman's grasp.
At the time, the judge said the video was 'disturbing,' but said there was insufficient evidence to convict Josey of simple assault and he was acquitted.
Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey fought to have the firing upheld."
According to the arbitrator, a frame-by-frame review of the video supports Josey's claims.
"He testified that Aida Guzman refused his order to drop a bottle of beer she was holding. He says he was trying to swat the bottle out of her hand when her left foot went out from under her as she stepped on a can. Guzman fell to the street, and the arbitrator ruled that's what caused her bloody lip, not a punch in the face."
"No that's a lie," Guzman said through an interpreter Monday. "I didn't fall on my face, that's a pure lie! I feel offended like they punched me in the face again."
Commissioner Ramsey said he is disappointed with the ruling, but says he will accept it.
"I have no regrets about the action I took at the time this took place," said Ramsey. "The decision has been rendered, and I'll abide by it."
Lt. Josey will be returned to work at with full benefits and pay, including back pay from the time he was dismissed in September until present.

13-08-14 US: More on corruption of the courts and foreclosure fraud

From an online discussion group
me (Joseph Zernik, Human Rights Alert (NGO) change

Stramge theoretical legal discussion, out of touch with reality... 

What I find strange and misleading about the discussion under this title, is that all parties involved write as if the US has a functional court system today.

In fact, numerous expert reports have documented the routine Fraud on the Court by judges and banking attorneys in foreclosure cases.

See for example the case of Lomas v Bank of America, which I documented in detail, where LA Superior Court Peter Meeka conducted proceedings, which he secretly noted as "off the record" proceedings all along...

Susan Lomas could have had the strongest case and the most able attorneys, it would not have made any difference.

I also documented 2 US judges (in California) and 2 California judges (including Peter Meeka in the case of Susan Lomas), who refused to file a statement on the record (pursuant to the California Code of Judicial Ethics), regarding financial benefits to them or family members residing with them from Bank of America.

Bribing of state and US judges by Bank of America must be a serious concern.


[1] 12-06-08 Courts and Judges as racketeering enterprises under RICO (the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) - key element in the current financial crisis
[2] Bribing of state and US judges by Bank of America must be serious concern. ...
[1] 11-03-20 PRESS RELEASE Lomas v Bank of America (KC059379) Bank of America Continues Racketeering in the Los Angeles Superior Court
[2] 11-03-20 Lomas v Bank of America (KC059379) in the Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles online “Case Summary” and Minutes
[3] 11-04-05 Lomas v Bank of America (KC059379) in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles – Fraud on the Court in a Quiet Title Action
[4] 11-04-06 Lomas v Bank of America (KC059379) “Request[s] for Judicial Notice”- Additional Evidence of Fraud on the Court in Foreclosure Procedure s
[5] 11-04-07 Press Release: Lomas v BofA (KC059379) – Judge Meeka is Requested to Restore Due Process, Declare Any Benefits from BofA
[6] 11-04-08 PRESS RELEASE: Complaint filed against California Judge Peter Meeka, Clerk of the Court John A Clarke, Bank of America and its President Brian Moynihan, and Attorney Mark Asdourian – for Public Corruption and Racketeering
[7] 11-04-08 US Attorney Office and FBI Complaint against California Judge Peter Meeka, Clerk John Clarke, BofA and its President Brian Moynihan - Public Corruption and Racketeering in Lomas V Bank of America (KC059379)
[8] 11-03-31 Lomas v Bank of America (KC059379) Request and Response for Certification of Authority as Attorney of Record s
[9] 11-04-07 Request for Help by Sandor Samuels, President of Bet Tzedek - "The House of Justice"- in Re Lomas v Bank of America (KCD59379)-s
[10] 11-04-07 PRESS RELEASE: Bet Tzedek – “The House of Justice” – President Sandor Samuels is asked to help in stopping fraud by Bank of America against a homeowner in the Los Angeles Superior Court
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[12] 11-04-12 PRESS RELEASE: Bribing of State and US Judges by Bank of America Must be a Serious Concern!
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[15] 11-04-14 PRESS RELEASE: Harvard Law Professor Yochai Benkler has been asked to review the evidence of large-scale computer fraud in the courts
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[17] 11-04-08 Lomas v Bank of America (KC059379) 2nd “Minutes” for the Ex Parte Applications for Due Process and Statement by California Judge Peter J Meeka RE: Financial Benefits to Him by Bank of America
[18] 11-04-15 Press Release: Lomas v Bank of America (KC059379) - Lomas files for disqualification of Judge Meeka, calls “quits” to charades in the Los Angeles Superior Court
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[iii] [1] 10-10-15 Proposed Organizational Chart of the LA-JR (alleged Los Angeles Judiciary Racket)
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11-04-07 PRESS RELEASE: Bet Tzedek – “The House of Justice” – President Sandor Samuels is asked to help in stopping fraud by Bank of America against a homeowner in the Los Angeles Superior Court
Bob Hurt

You don't understand my point, Wolf, and frankly few "expert" foreclosure defense lawyers get it either. They bilk their feckless clients out of $10k or $20k or more to stall the inevitable auction of the house, but the client always loses the house. Statistically ALWAYS.


Courts are bound to enforce the contract the borrower signed promising to give up the house for defaulting on the loan. That's the whole idea of a mortgage in connection with a gargantuan loan. Lender can take the mortgaged collateral in event of default.

This is so seriously important that a bunch of states like California, Texas, Georgia, etc, don't even require the owner of beneficial interest in the note to litigate the foreclosure. And in California, the borrower has to TENDER PAYMENT before suing for quiet title.


It is NOT stupid, however, to hire a competent mortgage examiner to look for causes of action underlying the mortgage - torts, breaches, errors, and use them as a hammer to negotiate a settlement or sue. When the borrower has causes of action and attacks the lender on the basis of those grievances, the borrower statistically ALWAYS WINS.

Choice 1 - fight the foreclosure and always lose.

Choice 2 - fight the mortgage and always win.

Which seems least stupid to you?

John Wolfgram

I don't know where you got this from Robert: "In other words, it is quite stupid for the slaves to try to defend against foreclosure of their defaulted loans because they always lose."

The fact is that so begin revolutions, extremely bloody revolutions. The true fact is that this point in time reverses stupidity: It is utterly stupid to foreclose on slaves, because that leaves them nothing left to lose, except their chains of bondage.