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11-04-26 Welcome Canada! // Bienvenido Canada! // 欢迎来到加拿大!

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11-04-25 Guardian: Files of all Guantanamo Detainees // Guardian: Los archivos de todos los detenidos de Guantánamo // 卫报:关塔那摩监狱关押的所有文件 home

The Guardian published the full GITMO files.

For most detainees, the reason for their holding is to provide information regarding certain persons or place (e.g. mosques from Germany to Pakistan).
  • To the degree that the information was needed for prosecutions - obviously, such prosecutions never took place, at times for almost 10 years.
  • To the degree that the information was needed for intelligence purposes, it is doubted that in the years that transpired, interrogation was not concluded, and that any intelligence that old is of any value any longer.
[1] Guardian: Guantanamo files: all 779 detainees
[2] Wikileaks: Guantanamo files: all 779 detainees

11-04-11 China: Human Rights Record of United States in 2010 // China: Registro de los Derechos Humanos de los Estados Unidos en 2010 // 中国:人权记录在2010年的美国

I. On Life, Property and Personal Security
The United States reports the world's highest incidence of violent crimes, and its people's lives, properties and personal security are not duly protected.
II. On Civil and Political Rights
In the United States, the violation of citizens' civil and political rights by the government is severe.
III. On Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
The United States is the world's richest country, but Americans' economic, social and cultural rights protection is going from bad to worse.
IV. On Racial Discrimination
Racial discrimination, deep-seated in the United States, has permeated every aspect of social life.
V. On the rights of women and children
The situation regarding the rights of women and children in the United States is bothering.
VI. On US Violations of Human Rights against Other Nations
The United States has a notorious record of international human rights violations.