Saturday, May 18, 2013

13-05-19 Hello World!

19/5 @ 09:03 : Mexico, MX
19/5 @ 07:04 : Beijing, CN
19/5 @ 04:42 : Thailand, TH
19/5 @ 04:00 : Azur, IL
19/5 @ 02:26 : Douala, CM
19/5 @ 01:19 : Schererville, Indiana, US
18/5 @ 22:21 : Mountain View, California, US
18/5 @ 20:14 : Ukraine, UA
18/5 @ 19:10 : Bat Yam, IL
18/5 @ 18:21 : Israel, IL
18/5 @ 12:36 : Buffalo, New York, US

13-05-18 Occupy Tel Aviv: Saturday night demonstrations - "Government, corporations - a crime organization"

Saturday night - you can't dance at all parties. 
The Israeli Social Protest is back and gaining momentum.  Saturday night demonstrations are becoming a routine.  The specific locations, times are announced at times only hours ahead of the event, none of which was by permit.
Saturday, at 5:00pm in the afternoon, I had to decide:
1) The main event at HaBimah Square, Tel Aviv - a beautiful venue;
2) A demonstration in Poleg, 20 min along the shore north of Tel Aviv - in front of the home of gas tycoon Teshavah.  He already defaulted on public bonds, and now plans to export, with government blessing, the meager gas reserves of the State of Israel, in order to immediately materialize profits, while by world standards paying minimal royalties to the treasury.
3) A demonstration at Ceasaria, about 40 min up north along the shore - in front of seashore residences of Prime Minister Netanyahu.   Netanyahu maintains a oppulent court at a level of extravagance that is unprecedented in Israeli history with three residences maintained at exorbitant cost to the tax payer.  A fat retainer contract to a pistachio ice-cream vendor was recently cancelled after public outcry.
Organized transportation by bus was available to venues 2 and 3, and for one of them - a pre-party at the nearby home of an activist.

My choice was No 1 - at HaBimah Square.  The event was clearly non-violent.  Police was extremely cooperative and friendly,  the marchers made a round, which causes the closing to traffic of main avenues in the center of Tel Aviv.

As usual, the most often heard chant was  "Government, corporations - a crime organization" [Hon, Shilton - Olam Tahton], but at the Teshuvah demonstration the main chant was "it is our money".

Media reporting is understated, as usual in recent weeks.  Claims of imminent threat of missile attack by Syria occupy the headlines...

Personal note: My favorite dancing partners - "HaLo Nehmadot" (the hardcore activist group known as "not nice girls") went to events No 2 and 3 of course... 

Joseph Zernik
Occupy Tel Aviv Encampment

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