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2015-05-06 The Kabbalist and AG Loretta Lynch

My article in on corruption of the Israeli justice system.
To remove any doubt of "human error" in the perverted records of the TelAviv District Court in this case, I filed the following "Notice" in court earlier this week... 

2015-05-03 State of Israel v Pinto (43357-09-14) in the Tel-Aviv District Court – Dr Zernik's Notice (#25) of probably missing/erroneous court file registrations //

מדינת ישראל נ פינטו (43357-09-14) בבית המשפט המחוזי ת"א – הודעתו (מס' 25 ) של דר' צרניק על רישומים חסרים/שגויים ככל הנראה

Exclusive to OpEdNews:

General News 5/6/2015 at 01:27:36

The Kabbalist and AG Loretta Lynch

By (about the author)The Rabbi Josiah Pinto scandal is a gem of Israeli justice system corruption. The case involved the ouster of the head of "the Israeli FBI" in the midst of various high level government corruption investigations. Leaked AG Lynch letter and Israel Police investigation transcripts as well as a perverted, secretive court process indicate business as usual in the "only democracy in the middle-east".

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Menashe Arbiv -- head of Israel Police National Investigations Unit ("the Israeli FBI"), was forced to resign for taking bribes from Pinto, Rabbi Pinto was convicted in a secretive, dubious trial on attempting to bribe Ephraim Bracha -- head of Israel Police National Fraud Unit. Pinto's claims that he also bribed Bracha are supported by AG Lynch's letter, but the Israeli justice system refuses to investigate the claims against Bracha.

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A February 2015 letter from AG Loretta Lynch, leaked this week, supports Pinto's claim of having bribed officer Bracha, Head of the Israel Police National Fraud Investigations Unit, which the Israeli justice system is trying to cover up.

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Former US Congressman (R-NY) Michael Grimm benefited from illegal campaign funding by Rabbi Pinto.

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Judge Oded Mudrick of the Tel-Aviv District Court is the current point-man in efforts to cover up the embarrassing scandal - through a secretive, perverted court process.
OccupyTLV, May 1 -- the latest government corruption scandal, where "kabbalist" Rabbi Josiah Pinto is the central figure, was again in the headlines this week, on several accounts... In recent years, the 41 year old Rabbi Pinto has been at the center of corruption investigations both in the US -- which ended in conviction of former US Congressman (R-NY) Michael Grimm [i] -- and in Israel -- which led to the resignation of the Head of Israel Police National Investigations Unit ("the Israeli FBI") Menashe Arbiv, whom Pinto apparently bribed. [ii] Pinto has repeatedly claimed that he also bribed Head of Israel Police National Fraud Investigations Unit Ephraim Bracha, but Israeli law enforcement and justice authorities refuse to investigate these claims, supported by FBI and US AG Lynch. The case also generated a rift between US and Israeli law enforcement agencies: Earlier, FBI transferred to Israel Police its evidence of Israel Police corruption, discovered in the Michael Grimm investigation. Israel Police and an unnamed Israeli cabinet member (most likely Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni) then tried to undermine the Michael Grimm investigation. [iii] Now FBI is retaliating by advertising the evidence of Israel Police corruption, which Israeli government is working hard to cover up... [iv]