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13-12-03 Hello world!

12/3 @ 8:19 : Israel, IL
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2013-12-02 US: CIA's Contra-Cocaine denial cult?

I thought that the Iran-Contra-Cocaine affair was so well documented, among others, by the Special Report by Inspector General of the US Department f Justice, that there would not be deniers left.  Apparently that is not the case.  I have long stopped using the word "conspiracy", instead referring to "official narrative" and "alternative narrative/s".  All the fun was taken out of "conspiracies" with the avalanche of revelations of recent years from banks to NSA; they have become a routine :) jz
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[10] 11-08-29 Corruption of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Its Causes and History
[11] 11-08-01 Zernik, J: Fraud and corruption in the US courts is tightly linked to failing banking regulation and the financial crisis, 16th World Criminology Congress presentation
[12] 12-04-28 Drug Money Laundering by Major US and International Banks ? Compilation of Reports

CIA plane crash site in Mexico

OpEdNews Op Eds 

Contra-Cocaine Was a Real Conspiracy

In the insular world of Manhattan media, there's much handwringing over the latest blow to print publications as New York Magazine scales back from a weekly to a biweekly. But the real lesson might be the commercial failure of snarky writing, the kind that New York demonstrated in its recent hit piece on "conspiracy theories."
What was most stunning to me about the article, pegged to the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination, was that it began by ridiculing what is actually one of the best-documented real conspiracies of recent decades, the CIA's tolerance and even protection of cocaine trafficking by the Nicaraguan Contra rebels in the 1980s.

13-12-02 ISRAEL: Ex parte decree subpoenas all media records of Bedouins anti-eviction demonstrations

Corruption of the courts and the legal profession is central to current socio-economic conditions in Israel!

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Photo: Horse-mounted fully armed policemen chasing after a demonstrator in an attempt to arrest him.

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Horse ramming into a demonstrator in recent Bedouin demonstration in the Negev desert.
Occupy Tel Aviv, December 2 - Press release by the Israeli Press Association denounces an ex parte decree, issued by a magistrate court at Israel Police request, subpoenaing all records by all media, related to this weekend's violent demonstrations against eviction of Negev desert Bedouins.  Other reports indicate that some media have already complied, while others will try to fight such ludicrous decree.Separately, ‎Physicians for Human Rights-Israel issued a strong condemnation of police brutality during the Bedouins demonstrations.
Perhaps the most memorable images  are those of fully armed  horse-mounted police chasing demonstrators and the arrest of a young teen-age boy.  According to an eye-witness, police officer Oren Elbaz. was heard shouting to the horsemen on wireless "Run him over!". 

A couple of weeks ago, following a wave of organized crime assassinations, Israeli Domestic Security Minister called for launching administrative detentions with no trial.

* Haaretz report of the Ex parte decree:



Police orders media to hand in photos of Bedouin riots

Violent riots in south against bill to resettle local communities lead police to demand media outlets to bring forward all evidence from 'Day of Rage' protests,7340,L-4460370,00.html

Video: Israel police brutalize child amid anti-Prawer protests

In this video, Israeli forces can be seen brutalizing and arresting a 14-year-old boy.  Ahmad Tibi, a Palestinian member of the Israeli parliament, can be heard shouting in Hebrew, “He’s a boy, you should be ashamed,” as he tries to intervene.
המשטרה הורתה לתקשורת למסור את כל הצילומים מהפגנות הבדואים בנגב - משפט ופלילים
בצעד חריג, הוצא צו המורה לצלמים למסור את כל התמונות שצולמו בהפגנה האלימה; אתמול נחשף כי מפגינים קיבלו שיחות אזהרה מהמשט
רה והשב"כ ערב ההפגנה

* Press Release by Israeli Press Association: the press: by Bing)
משטרת ישראל נקטה היום צעד חריג, שמנוגד לחופש העיתונות ולאתיקה העיתונאית, והוציאה במעמד צד אחד צו שדורש מעיתונאים להעביר אליה צילומים מההפגנות נגד מתווה פארוור שהתקיימו ביום שבת. בעקבות דרישת המשטרה הודיע ארגון העיתונאים כי הדרישה מנוגדת לכללי האתיקה הנהוגים בישראל, לכללי האתיקה של מועצת העיתונות ולפסיקת בתי המשפט. הארגון מגנה בחריפות את הניסיון להשתמש בעיתונאים ככלי חקירה ורואה בכך פגיעה חמורה באמון שבין הציבור לעיתונות. הארגון פועל באופן מיידי לביטול הצו.

13-12-02 Hello world!

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