Monday, June 17, 2013

13-06-18 IDF v the pink bikini...

NOT IDF solider Carol Cohen - her pink bikini pic disappeared from the web...

Israeli media today report of another Israeli female soldier of draft age, Carol Cohen, who posted online her photo in a bikini. According to reports, she was prosecuted in a military tribunal.

This latest case is a bit bizarre - the pic, published by paper media, is nice, but the soldier carries no gun and no IDF equipment is seen in the photo. It is just her in her pink bikini on the beach, It reamains unclear what law she violated in the first place.

Moreover, the pic disappeared from the net!

I guess the Ayatollahs have won the State of Israel and the web as well...


It is funny how the mighty military is getting all shaken by a 19 year old in a pink bikini... Before that it was the Harlem Shake... Talking with young women in Israel, they seem to overwhelmingly support the right of young women to be photographed as they please and post their photos online...

13-06-17 Non-Israeli to head Bank of Israel again! Bernanke - a candidate?

Israeli media report that Netanyahu decided to recruit an American to head Bank of Israel again... Under Netanyahu, Israel completed it's transition into a corporatist province of the United States...
Teacher Stanley Fischer with his newly acquired Israeli ID in 2005, and Student Ben Bernanke should have been criminally prosecuted in the US for his conduct as Chair of the Federal Reserve.

Occupy Tel Aviv, June 16 -- Israeli media broke the news today - Prime Minister Netanyahu decided to again appoint a non-Israeli (i.e., a US citizen) to head Bank of Israel, which includes both the central bank heading Israeli banking regulation. [1]

More telling: One of Netanyahu top picks for the job is no other than Ben Bernanke - Stanley Fischer's (current head of Bank of Israel) student.  Starting in 2009, notable financial analysts called for criminal prosecution of Ben Bernanke, for his role in the Bank of America - Merrill Lynch merger. [2,3]

As discovered through foreign press, under Prime Minister Netanyahu Israel also permitted the United States to construct military command and control and missile bases in Israel, with no public debate and no notice to the Israeli public. [4,5] 

With it, under Netanyahu Israeli completed the transition to a corproratist province of the Untied States. In that context, Stanley Fischer, a Bilderberg participant, should be considered the first Governor of the State of Israel on behalf of the international banking cartel...

Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)

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