Wednesday, August 21, 2013

13-08-22 Syria: No information can be trusted, except for the body counts...

13-08-21 Hello world!

8/21 @ 10:01 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
8/21 @ 10:00 : Riyadh, SA
8/21 @ 8:54 : Pajala, SE
8/21 @ 6:28 : Berlin, DE
8/21 @ 6:26 : George Town, MY
8/21 @ 6:04 : Mountain View, California, US
8/21 @ 5:53 : Israel, IL
8/21 @ 5:28 : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
8/21 @ 5:03 : Leicester, GB
8/21 @ 4:36 : Redmond, Washington, US

13-08-21 UK: Showing its true colors in the Snowden affair...


David Miranda, the partner of US journalist Glenn Greenwald, was questioned for nine hours in London's Heathrow airport on Sundayunder Schedule 7 of the UK's anti-terrorism law. Miranda's lawyer, Gwendolen Morgan, said her client was seeking a judicial review of the legal basis for his detention and wanted assurances that the property seized from him by police would not be examined.

It is clear that Miranda was not suspected of any connection to terrorism. To detain and rob Miranda on this pretext is no more legal than to have done so on trumped-up allegations that he was transporting cocaine. The White House has admitted that Washington had advance knowledge of the crime, and so we can infer approval -- if not active collaboration.

Aug 21-25: Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: Decolonize the 99%

Posted: 20 Aug 2013 05:52 PM PDT

WHAT: the Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: decolonize the 99%. It’s the second annual gathering of the Occupy movement and allies—the first was in Philadelphia June 30 to July 5, 2012. We promise a full-bodied 5-day event with emphasis on the colonization of this country by corporations—an important public event with creative activism, parades, and, most importantly, the People being heard. NatGat2 is a place for the movement of affinity to regroup, debrief, and regain strength after the brutal crack-downs on the encampments in 2011 and targeted legislative repression and unprecedented spying by NSA on US persons.
WHENAugust 21-25, 2013
WHY: A fundamental right, essential to a representative government, is the right to peacefully gather to petition the government for redress of grievances. We activists are still working for a better world. Dozens of active Occupys and allies have endorsed and will be sending representatives. Hundreds of Occupys all over the United States and from around the globe—e.g. Occupy San Francisco to Occupy Sandy to Occupy Sydney, Australia—will gather in solidarity and share strategies to strengthen the global network that was born in Zuccotti Park on September 17, 2011.
HOW: will people get there? There is a Sharetribe site to sign up or offer a ride—or housing, or just about anything NatGat-related. Donations are accepted here.
WHERE: The City of Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Where will they sleep? Sleepful Protests in Public Spaces is our custom; it is legal in Kalamazoo. However, there are other options. The Lamplighter Inn in Comstock on the border of Kalamazoo will be our #1 site in the evenings. (They say it’s haunted!)
*UPDATE: The Venue for the Natational gathering has changed. Most activities will now take place at the Kalamazoo Peace Center at the Wesley Foundation, 2101 Wilbur St.
WHAT will be accomplished? NatGat strives to be decisive, each day will end with a General Assembly on the subject of the day, then a draft, will be turned over to writers to turn into art to be posted and published shortly after.
Only complete (r)evolution will do,
List of hyperlinks
Main website
Occupy Vision Statement
*What is decolonization? What is Decolonization and why does it matter
Sleepful Protesting
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13-08-21 Going to Germany in search of protection of my Human Rights against the Israeli and US governments

Who would have thunk...

Going this Friday to Berlin for a few weeks.  Main purpose - fostering relationships with German Humna Rights organizations, in view of increased risk of unlawful retaliatory measures against me by the Israeli government.

In early January 2013, my bank accounts in Israel were seized by Bank HaPoalim, BM, purportedly on behalf of the US government. (similar to measures taken in October 2010 against Assange)  

Such actions were taken with no legal process either in the US or in Israel.  

Regardless, Israeli authorities refused to accord Equal Protection under the Law:
* Then Governor of Bank of Israel (top Israeli Banking Regulator) Stanley Fischer refused to duly regiseter Consumer's Complaint against Bank HaPoalim, BM, and
* The Israeli Supreme Court refused to duly register a petition against Stanley Fischer, to compel him to perform his duties, pursuant to the law of the State of Israel.

My money was returned to me at the end of January, following filing a request for protection with the German Consul in Israel.

Now, I again face increased risk of taking of my money, restriction of my right to travel, and even imprisonment.