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12-09-30 Hello World!

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12-09-29 The incredible efficiency of Israeli internet censorship

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Barcelona, September 29 – the State of Israel appears uniquely effective in internet censorship and control.
On my postings, a clear pattern is emerging of subjects on which the “Read” counter is permanently set to “0”, even when comments show that there were reads on the same postings:
And the following posting was “Rejected”, while a reprimand was issued by the administrators:
The State of Israel is not alone in this regard.  The following is a more recent posting, so the permanent set to “0”,  is still not certain:
3.      Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger, Sustain/ Daily Journal, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, State Bar of California, Bet Tzedek
On my blog, In Pro Per In LA, the listings of viewers never show any readers from Israel, even when the graphic map itself shows a large cluster of readers in Israel.
On my archive, pertaining to corruption of the justice system of the State of Israel.  The the Human Rights Alert (NGO) 2012 submission for the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights in Israel by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, was left intact. It is a short, 5 page document with no links or references to documents.  In contrast, the 50 page Appendix, including the evidence was removed “at the request of ISACA” (international association of network security and control professionals).
The US government recognized the problematic nature of Free Speech on the Internet.  Former President Bill Clinton (Yale Law School graduate) proposed an "Internet Czar" , while  Hillary lamented that the US is losing its grip on media... but the US is losing its grip due to Free Speech on the internet... but the US government seems unable to exert its will on the internet as effectively...
[1] Human Rights Alert (NGO) on
[2] In Pro Per In LA
[3] In Pro Per In LA – Cluster Map
[4] – Human Rights Alert, Israel
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)   The 2010 submission of Human Rights Alert to the Human Rights Council (HRC) of the United Nations for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Human Rights in the United States was reviewed and incorporated in the official HRC Professional Staff Report with a note referring to “corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California.”  
The 2012 submission of Human Rights Alert to the HRC for the UPR of the State of Israel is titled "integrity, or lack thereof, of the electronic record systems of the courts of the State of Israel'. It is scheduled for review in January 2013.
Human Rights Alert online:   
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_____________________________Take away justice, then, and what are governments but great bandit bands?Saint Augustine, Civitas Dei (City of God,4.4) 

12-09-29 Hello World!

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12-09-29 Dispatch de Barcelona: Spanish banks are insolvent, massive suspension of convictions in Catalonia a midst growing calls for reform of the judiciary! Meanwhile in Los Angeles, California...

Barcelona, September 29 - Outside audit concluded that the Spanish banks are insolvent and Spain will request a massive bailout from the European Union.  As noted before, Catalonia objects to the bailout.

The newspapers continue a story, which is apparently going on since 2011, where large number of criminal convictions (close to 20,000) are being suspended a midst growing calls for reform of the judiciary.

b.  c.
a. Cover of the 2006 Rampart Reconsidered Report by the LAPD Blue Ribbon Review Panel. b. Judge (Ret) Jacqueline Connor, key figure in both the corruption and its cover up. Key figure in the LA-JR (Los Angeles Judiciary Racket). c. Rafael Perez, one time undercover narcotic officer, good friend of Jacquline Connor, later - plea bargainer, who provided key evidence of the corruption.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles County, California...
The massive suspension of criminal convictions in Catalonia should be compared to conditions in Los Angeles County, California. Successive government commissions concluded in the aftermath of the Rampart Scandal (1998-2000) "innocent people remain in prison".  The number of the Rampart-FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons), all derived from investigation of ONE police station (the LAPD, which investigated its own corruption, refused to expand the investigation, although the evidence showed that the same practices were common in various other stations), is estimated at 10,000-20,000.  They were typically sentenced for long prison terms, based on framed evidence of drug dealing.

The 2006 Blue Ribbon Review Panel report "Rampart reconsidered", also investigated the reasons for the failure to release the innocent, and indicated that it was largely because of objection of the judges of the Los Angeles Superior Court, which were quoted saying that such actions would cause "collapse of the justice system".

The corruption in Los Angeles County, California, is of course not limited to the LAPD, but includes the District Attorney office, and primarily the Los Angeles Superior Court itself.

Any reasonable person, reviewing the case as a whole would also conclude that the case provided evidence of massive corruption of the US Central District of California, including the US Attorney office and the US District Court. 

[1] 06-07-15 Rampart Reconsidered: LAPD's Blue Ribbon Review Panel Report
[2] 09-12-17 Rampart-FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons) - Review