Friday, August 9, 2013

13-08-10 Israel: Women to the judiciary - don't tread on us!

Female Activist Ariana Melamed, Former District Judge Nissim Yehsayahu
A list of cases were published this summer, where male judges made comments or displayed cnoduct from the bench, which was viewed as sexist or worse,

In an interview with Israeli Female Activist Ariana Melamed, she explained that in the case of former District Judge Nissim Yeshayahu , [1] she published a column [2] and unleashed social media campagin, and by the afternoon he was a "retired judge".

You see,in this case, the judge was vested in FULL IMMUNITY, who cares?
The Female People decided that they "did not want him in the Public eye any longer".  It was not only his judgship, They vowed to keep him off any public poition.

When was the last time anything like that happened in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

]3[ בעקבות התבטאותו על "נשים שנהנות מזה": השופט ישעיה יפרוש מכלל תפקידיו

13-08-10 Hello world!

8/10 @ 2:02 : Israel, IL
8/10 @ 1:00 : Jackson Heights, New York, US
8/10 @ 12:55 : Los Angeles, California, US
8/9 @ 11:04 : United States, US
8/9 @ 9:11 : Brasília, BR
8/9 @ 7:48 : Upland, California, US
8/9 @ 6:04 : Humble, Texas, US
8/9 @ 4:46 : Mountain View, California, US
8/9 @ 12:13 : Buffalo, New York, US
8/9 @ 11:39 : Valkeakoski, FI

13-08-08 Occupy Tel Aviv #9 - demonstration between a tycoon's tower and the IDF command and control

The demonstration protested the latest austerity measures, unaffordable housing... The demonstration was unique, since side by side you had members of hard core social protest activists, idenfitying with the Israeli "Black Panthers", and extreme right protesters, identifying ith the US "Don't Tread on Me" groups.
Although the demonstration was small, less than 100 people, a major traffic intersection was blocked, facing on the one side Azrieli Center tower, the signature building of one of handful tycoons that today control the Israeli economy, and the IDF command and control center with its signature building with heli pad on top. The demonstration was the first led by a motorcycle posse.. :) Police conduct was exemplary.

13-08-09 US: NSA and the Surveillance State - bipartisan betrayal of the US Constitution, and no remedy expected by the courts

Below is a review of the responses to the NSA-Snowden Scandal.
Noteworthy points:
* Hysterical US responses to the Snowden's affair only highlight the extremity of US unlawful conduct, relative to the international community and ratified International Law.
* The betrayal of the US  Constitution in the US Congress is bipartisan - in providing the Executive Branch a blank check under various post 9/11 national security related acts, and refusal to pass acts that restrict state agency surveillance.
* While protest groups such as Restore the Fourth are mentioned, nowhere are the courts mentioned as potential part of the remedy.
Combined, such conditions again demonstrate that the US Constitution is no longer effective in the United States, neither the rule of law.

Your Government Spies on You and Lies About It: Now What?

America's domestic spying juggernaut has expanded to an unbelievable extent.
August 8, 2013  |  
Now that Americans know the federal government domestically spies and lies about it—thanks to a litany of “misstatements” by top officials that have been debunked followingdisclosures by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden—very big questions emerge about what kind of country we are going to be.
Americans keep hearing more news reports about the national security state’s growing reach. Reuters just broke the story of more police efforts to use data collected in the NSA’s domestic digital dragnet for FBI drug investigations. Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that other federal agencies are clamoring for the NSA’s data and are engaged in turf battles over it.
The parade of domestic spying stories has been met with a stream of official denials, which have been unmasked by the media as lies. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers saidthat the NSA didn’t read Americans' emails, but Snowden’s disclosure of the XKeyscore program—including the user manual showing that functionality—disproved that. put together this video montage debunking six more domestic spying lies: Is the NSA spying on Americans? (The NSA said no.) Does it only collect data from bad guys? (The NSA said mostly). Does the NSA keep data on citizens? (The NSA said no.) Is NSA data collection any different from a local grand jury? (The Senate Intelligence Committee chairwoman said no.) Is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court transparent? (Obama said yes.) And what other lies did the NSA present to Congress in “fact sheets” prepared for oversight committees? (It won’t say.)

13-08-09 US: When conspiracy theories become commonsense...