Friday, August 9, 2013

13-08-10 Israel: Women to the judiciary - don't tread on us!

Female Activist Ariana Melamed, Former District Judge Nissim Yehsayahu
A list of cases were published this summer, where male judges made comments or displayed cnoduct from the bench, which was viewed as sexist or worse,

In an interview with Israeli Female Activist Ariana Melamed, she explained that in the case of former District Judge Nissim Yeshayahu , [1] she published a column [2] and unleashed social media campagin, and by the afternoon he was a "retired judge".

You see,in this case, the judge was vested in FULL IMMUNITY, who cares?
The Female People decided that they "did not want him in the Public eye any longer".  It was not only his judgship, They vowed to keep him off any public poition.

When was the last time anything like that happened in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

]3[ בעקבות התבטאותו על "נשים שנהנות מזה": השופט ישעיה יפרוש מכלל תפקידיו

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