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11-10-10 Inspector General for the US Judiciary? The US Congress needs to start impeaching! //Inspector General del Poder Judicial de EE.UU.? // 美国司法部监察长?


All the US Congress needs to do is start impeaching...

This initiative to create a Judiciary Inspector General is a false attempt to show an effort by the US Congress to clean up the corrupt US justice system.

There is no need for additional laws in this matter.  It is a waste of time, money, paper...

All Congress needs to do is start to impeach... There are numerous perfect candidates for impeachment among the US judges and other senior US officers (e.g. Bernanke), in particular in the US Department of Justice (Kenneth Kaiser, Kenneth Melson, Eric Holder), and in the White House (Barack Obama).

I consider the call by Sen Patrick Leahy for the establishment of a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" on the US Department of Justice [1] another example of the same conduct, and a bizarre one at that.  Such commissions are established in nations that emerge from various types of tyrannies.

Leahy has been the Chair of the Judiciary Committee for who knows how many years... Now he realizes that the US is under tyranny of the justice system, and suggests to delegate the authority to deal with this constitutional crisis to some new body, which was never defined in the Constitution...

The US Congress must start to perform its duties, if the US is to ever emerge from the current crisis.  One should recall that emerging from the Robber Baron Era (late 19th century - early 20th century) was coincidental with major reform of the US judiciary by the US Congress in the early 20th century.

[1] In a speech in Georgetown University, Senator Leahy, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee called for a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" on the US Department of Justice.
Transcript of Senator Leahy speech (2009)


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Sensenbrenner and Grassley tried again earlier this you to get a bill establishing a judicial IG passed--I don't think it got out of committee.  I am not sure they are serious about judicial oversight as Sensenbrenner is in the Majority and can't seem to get any momentum on the bill.

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