Monday, December 10, 2012

12-12-10 Media blackout on Manning trial?

Headlined to H2 12/1/12

Blanking Bradley Manning: NYT and AP Launch Operation Amnesia

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On Thursday, Bradley Manning, one of the foremost prisoners of conscience in the world today, testified in open court -- the first time his voice has been heard since he was arrested, confined and subjected to psychological torture by the U.S. government.
An event of some newsworthiness, you might think. Manning has admitted leaking documents that detailed American war crimes in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. He has been held incommunicado for more than 900 days by the Obama administration. Reports of his treatment at the hands of his captors have sparked outrage, protests and concern around the world. He was now going to speak openly in a pre-trial hearing on a motion to dismiss his case because of that treatment. Surely such a moment of high courtroom drama would draw heavy media coverage, if only for its sensationalistic aspects.

But if you relied on the nation's pre-eminent journal of news reportage, the New York Times, you could have easily missed notice of the event altogether, much less learned any details of what transpired in the courtroom. The Times sent no reporter to the hearing, but contented itself with a brief bit of wire copy from AP, tucked away on Page 3, to note the occasion. 

12-12-10 What is the true US unemployment rate?

Obviously, one cannot trust the US government figures...
In fact, one must doubt that any US government agency has valid data that the government itself can trust. When the data are manipulated at every level, you end up with massive self-deception, kind of what happened at the end of the Soviet Union...

More Phony Employment Numbers

By Paul Craig Roberts

A government that wants to cut the social safety net doesn't want you to know that the unemployment rate is 22.9%.