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12-06-14Tony Blair Avoids Attempted Citizen's Arrest in Hong Kong

Tony Blair Avoids Attempted Citizen's Arrest in Hong KongBritish activist interrupts former prime minister's speech with accusations of war crimesEmacs! 
By Peter Walker
June 14, 2012 "The Guardian" - - The list of places where Tony Blair must look over his shoulder for protesters during his endless carousel around the global lecture circuit now includes Hong Kong, after a speech on faith and globalisation was interrupted by an activist seeking to make a citizen's arrest on the former prime minister.

Tom Grundy, a Briton living in the Chinese territory, said he walked towards Blair a few minutes into the address at Hong Kong University (HKU) with the intention of apprehending him for alleged offences connected to the Iraq war.


12-06-13 Infamy


Anonymous recommends flying the US flag upside down, a traditional sign of distress.

12-06-13 The latest from the Facebook rEVOLution...

Eric Morgan

The rEVOLution to Restore the Republic 

On November 5th 2012 WE THE PEOPLE will march on Washington DC peacefully and unarmed to arrest all members of congress, the president, and all supreme court justices where they will be held without bond until a full independent investigation and trial have been completed. We must re-elect our government within 90 days in order to stave of unrest.

First of all please know that this is not a Protest but rather this is a Citizen Action. We need to organize a citizens arrest of all parties involved in the various criminal acts that have put our country as well as our world in jeopardy. This is going to be a lot of people but none the less it must be done. Hopefully there are some Sheriffs, US Marshals, and military personnel that will remember their oaths to this country upon the taking of this action by the people and lend their support and expertise in bringing known criminals to justice.

What we must do.

The time has come. There are many, many reasons as to why it has come to this but the most important ones are as follows:

First of all it should be perfectly clear that the voting system is not only rigged but also criminally negligent in the handling of our elections from at least 2000 if not further back.

Secondly it should be abundantly clear that the US government has declared war on the American people via such illegal acts as the Homeland Security, Patriot, and National Defense Authorization acts as ALL of the aforementioned acts violate the plain english of the Constitution in one way shape or form.

Third the Supreme Court has failed us in their duty to hear such Constitutional violations much less put a stop to them.

Fourth the President has made himself dictator through various presidential signing statements.


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12-06-13 Big brother on steroids!

2012-06-13 Budget short-fall, budget surplus, or large-scale budget fraud by the California government on the People?

Pronouncements by California Governor Jerry Brown, regarding budget shortfall and the need for austerity measures, are contradicted by data from the California Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CA CAFR).  Former Attorney General Jerry Brown cannot be trusted in view of widespread corruption of government in California.

[]  [] []
Jerry Brown - California Governor is "appalled by corruption"Large-scale financial fraud by government on the People in California is not unprecedented, particularly in Los Angeles County:

a) Secret, unlawful funding of Los Angeles judge's extra benefits by Los Angeles County ($50,000 per judge per year x 600 judges and commissioners x 10 years = $300,000,000), called by court "not permitted payments" and called by media "bribes", was the subject matter of the false imprisonment of former US Prosecutor Richard Fine for 18 months by the Los Angeles Sheriff.

b) Evidence was previously produced of high-level financial management fraud in both the Los Angeles Superior Court and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

During his tenure as California Attorney General, Jerry Brown was repeatedly noticed of widespread corruption of State and County government in California.  Jerry Brown consistently refused to provide equal protection under the law.
LINKS:[1] 11-04-23 Habeas Corpus in the United States - the case of Richard Isaac Fine
[2] 10-02-19 California Attorney General Jerry Brown Refuses to Enforce the Law[4] 10-12-21 Brown to Eliminate State Office of Inspector General - Los Angeles Times[5] 10-10-13 Evidence of high level financial management fraud at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Sheriff's Department - A call for action by US law enforcement


Jerry Brown urges budget cuts amid California's $16B shortfallBy ASSOCIATED PRESS | 5/15/12

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) ­ California Gov. Jerry Brown called on state lawmakers to embrace austere cuts and urged voters to approve tax hikes in outlining a revised budget Monday.

Brown proposed $8.3 billion in cuts across education, health care and welfare programs in laying out a plan to address the state's $15.7 billion shortfall, an amount equal to 17 percent of the state's discretionary fund. He warned that additional cuts are ahead if voters reject his tax-hike initiative in November.

"Cutting alone really doesn't do it," Brown told reporters in releasing his $91 billion general fund budget plan. "And that's why I'm linking the serious budget reductions ­ real increase to austerity ­ with a plea to the voters: Please increase taxes temporarily on the most affluent and everyone else with a quarter of a cent sales tax."

Brown, a Democrat, also is asking state workers to share the pain by taking a 5 percent pay cut, most likely by reducing their work hours. The pay reduction would be handled in contract negotiations with the state's public employee unions.

In addition to the cuts, Brown hopes to close the deficit with $5.9 billion in new revenue from the tax initiative he proposed earlier this year that would temporarily add a quarter cent in the state sales tax and collect higher income taxes on those who make $250,000 a year or more.

If voters reject the tax increases in the fall, Brown is proposing $6 billion in additional automatic spending cuts, almost all of which would fall on K-12 schools. The so-called trigger cuts could mean that some districts would have to cut the school year by up to three weeks.

Brown said the cuts are real and will impact every school in the state. He likened California's fiscal challenge to the federal government and European nations, including Greece and Spain.

"Given the decade of fiscal disconnect, I've committed to righting the ship of state and getting it into balance," Brown said. "What that means is that things that are good in and of themselves have got to be stopped or curtailed if we are going to have balance. Otherwise we borrow and sink deeper into debt."

Brown said California's sputtering economic recovery is putting a heavier-than-expected drag on state tax revenue. The state has been blocked from making cuts to Medi-Cal and In-Home Supportive Services in court and by federal requirements.

The revised budget deficit is $6.5 billion more than the $9.2 billion gap Brown anticipated in January.

Brown called for cuts that would reduce child care for mothers trying to get off welfare, in-home supportive services for the needy and health care for the poor, as well as cut funding to courts and postpone payments to schools. Those reductions come on top of tens of billions of dollars in state budget cuts implemented since the recession started in late 2007.

Another $2.5 billion would involve delaying paying debt and other internal borrowing.

Democrats who control the Legislature said they would cut as much as they can while trying to preserve what they deem essential services. Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, said Democrats are not looking for a public fight with the governor.

Republicans said the majority party has refused to enact reforms such as public worker pension and teacher accountability.

"When you have unsustainable policies, you have unsustainable budgets," said Republican Senate leader Bob Huff of Diamond Bar.

Brown said his balanced approach was a fair and reasonable way to balance the budget. The sales tax increase would last four years while the income taxes on the wealthy would be raised for seven.

Public schools, which account for about 40 percent of state spending, would see a funding increase of 16 percent if voters approve Brown's tax initiative. More money also would flow to the state's three higher education systems, which have been the subject of student and faculty protests as courses have been cut and tuition has soared in recent years.

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The LA Times
, when searched for "CAFR",  or "Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports" showed only the below, from 2009:

Craig Rubin: L.A. mayoral candidate

February 11, 2009
2) Los Angeles likely will face a deficit of $400 million to $500 million in the 2009-2010 fiscal year, as well as steep shortfalls in the years that follow. If elected, how would you balance the city budget? Specifically, what programs or services would you cut, what taxes or fees would you increase, and what other measures would you take?
Los Angeles doesn't have to face that sort of deficit if it were not for the mayor's lack of management skill. According to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the city of Los Angeles year end June 30, 2007, the mayor had left the city's "contingency reserve" at $0 right when the financial crisis hit. The contingency reserve is used for unanticipated expenditures and budget shortfalls for already approved programs.

In that same CAFR report it says that our city's assets exceed our liabilities by billions of dollars -- in fact the report says that Los Angeles owns $12.2 billion in capital investments. I think if that money is being properly managed we should have no problem coming up with half a billion dollars. My concern is that the mayor is sleeping while technocrats may be running a Bernie Madoff-type scam with our city's assets. I think that a lot of government money is wasted because it can be wasted. I think sometimes people who work for government spend money as if they didn't earn it because they didn't. I would cut budgets of all city services excluding vital ones for a short time while we analyze what is actually there, and then I would begin to keep what is working and cutting what is not. I am for smaller government as a general principle.

3) To cut costs, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is considering layoffs or offering early retirement to city employees. Do you support either or both of those alternatives? Given the increased need for government assistance in these bad economic times, is now the right time to reduce the number of city employees or cut hours at libraries and city parks?Personally, I don't think the mayor spends enough in the city to know what we need. I think his agenda is handed down to him from the national party and he just goes along with whatever they tell him to do. I think he is willing to be a happy puppet and climb the political ladder rather than deal with the real business of running L.A. I don't think cutting parks or library hours is the way to go, as I stated from my analysis of the CAFR, we are not as bad off as the mayor is making us out to be. I think this is all part of a pitch to get federal funds and commit Los Angeles to federal projects and federal strings that are always attached to money.

READ MORE:,0,3665562.story

and various other alternative news sources show:

Walter Burien: CA CAFRs show $8 trillion in tax surpluses, what we should do

Carl Herman  June 5, 2012

Walter Burien is the pioneer for communicating that government claimed budget deficits are criminal lies of omission when compared with colossal tax surpluses revealed in their Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR).

For example, California Governor Brown claims the state budget deficit of $16 billion requires austerity, when the state CAFR reveals $600 billion in cash and investments. The crime of economic fraud is a state governor with fiduciary responsibility failing to clearly communicate this tax surplus over 35 times the claimed deficit, and to submit this data for independent economic cost-benefit analyses for public consideration of all our options.

When all California local governments’ CAFR surplus accounts are totaled, Californians have been overtaxed by $8 trillion dollars in a sampled study of the ~14,000 government entities.

The criminal fraud expands with Governor Brown vetoing a bill that would document the state’s ability to create at-cost credit through a state bank, and failing to communicate the success of North Dakota’s state-owned bank producing increasing budget surpluses.

Most Americans are unaware that this is really how the “1%” play the game of power and control. My 18 years’ experience working with both parties’ “leadership” in attempt to end domestic and global poverty proved that they will break every promise (public and private), and lie through corporate media control.

The objective and independently verifiable facts disclosed in public CAFRs require no belief, just verification of the data. The endgame of this massive manipulation of the 1% is the 99%’s recognition that the facts prove the 1%’s crimes, demanding their arrests, and then having good-faith public consideration how we can best build a brighter future.

Walter explains the purpose of this “game” (slightly edited), with a proposed solution that can, and should, be considered by independent cost-benefit analyses to fully understand our options (10-minute video here):

Diversification and achieving the highest rates of return has always been the-name-of-the-game for the inside players.

History has proven time and time again that wars, recessions, depressions, boom or gloom has always been very profitable for the select gang of controllers calling the shots and orchestrating events.

The off-shore game of taking advantage of 3rd World cheap labor started into full swing back in 1982 with CALPERS going into CALPERS International.

I note that all local government fund managers coast to coast were sent a communication recommendation back in 1982/3  to participate with CALPERS International with it noted they could bypass their own local government fund management restrictions per participation in derivatives and foreign investments by doing so.

From the get-go taking advantage of cheap foreign labor and manipulating of foreign governments through what I call massive Global Management Funds was VERY profitable. Trade policy such as NAFTA, GATT, etc. were designed specifically to accentuate those profits. Mexico was the first target at the end of the 80's, then the Soviet block countries in the 90's, and then the big cherry China starting in 2000.

It all boils down to "Greed" and "Opportunity" "Unrestrained."

No ifs, ands, or buts involved; only closed door discussions on the next acquisition takeover for massive profit. Appeasing, entertaining, misdirecting, and distracting the population from viewing or having any basic cognitive thinking per the wealth amassing within government on all levels was worked into a fine-tuned Stradivarius violin concerto.

The public has always been the mark for the last 10,000-years. The how and method by the financial / industrial complex in cooperation with government controllers has just been refined as the ticking of the clock continues. The public has not stood an ice-cube's chance in hell with the financial/industrial complex teamed up with government to utilize the public as a productivity resource to be drained and managed. Social engineering has been designed to facilitate the conditioning of the public to shut-up, follow instructions, and do what they are told.

The problem with you, I, and all the rest is having been conditioned to not cutting-out the clutter and distractions where our focus is broken from the fundamental basics of allowing government operatives, others to build their fortunes from within government to the population's severe disadvantage.

A basic example is in California: The "County" of LA had a budgetary basis in 2007 of 17.5 billion dollars. From 2008 to 2011 the county of LA promoted how they were pulling-in the belt and cutting back expenses. Stories of lack of funds flew through the news and political party streams.  The realty of the situation was from 2007 to 2012 (five-years) LA County as seen in their CAFR increased their budgetary income from 17.5 billion to 25.8 billion dollars, an increase of 8.3 billion or a 47% increase as they promoted to the population they were in dire-straits and cutting-back.It does not take a genius to see the basics at work here per the local government of LA County's wealth-base increase of annual income as the population is driven further into poverty. To allow the public to be distracted or misdirected away from such an overwhelming basic fundamental is unacceptable in any light.

We are all working on trying to bring the "basics" of the wealth involved ever building within government into view. We all have done our part as megaphones attempting to kick the public in the ass to wake-up and look.

Looking is one thing. Comprehending is another. With that next step being the hardest of all: Correcting the situation in the "Public's" behalf.

I know all too well that it will NEVER happen as long as the financial/industrial complex is teamed up with government to utilize the public as a productivity resource to be drained and managed.

The ONLY way the force necessary to modify the situation is accomplished is to put the public, the financial/industrial complex, and government all on the same page with the same common objective. That scenario has not existed from the get-go.

The common denominator that makes it happen is by making the population the "First-Line-Beneficiary" of the investment arena returns through and by utilizing that massive and ever-growing government investment return as a "written in stone" objective to meet governments’ general purpose operating budgets as ALL taxation is incrementally and systematically phased out. Government has its own management teams in place today to make this happen tomorrow.

With this being done, all three power structures are now on the same page, with the same common objective being a prosperous economy for one-and-all.

Government's intent in relative transition changes towards the population from one of: Draining and managing, to one of wanting to see the population as wealthy and prosperous as they can be. In doing so, all prosper and not just the financial/industrial complex in joint partnership with government.With the population as the first-line-beneficiary with the set objective being the elimination of taxation through investment return / enterprise contribution, the "playing field" is leveled for the first time in history, of which in most probabilities will lead to a thousand-years of prosperity for one-and-all.

The end of 2012 will be the beginning of a new world with the first local government venues establishing the principle of eliminating taxation through what I have called the TRF (Tax Retirement Funds). The TRF prospectuses will have what I call the twelve-points that will be in effect written in stone as core principles not to be deviated from. The basics of the first four-points simplified are:

1. Systematically within set parameters meeting operating costs for a local government from the returns generated from the TRF management teams assigned. (One revenue source taxation is replaced in its entirety with another revenue source investment return combined with a percentage contributed from Enterprise income)

2. Non-Tax fees; fines; service charges are capped and then targeted for reduction by being supplemented with revenue generated from TRF operation.

3. A local government's operating financial annual growth shall not exceed the financial growth of the local venue's population.

4. Financial penalties and sanctions will be levied against a local government operating under the TRF funding principle if governmental authority is utilized to take revenue from the public that violates the principle of the public being the "first-line-beneficiary" from wealth being generated by that local venue.

- - - -

What the country faces under the last several decades’ course within government is economic collapse. TRFs bursting forward coast-to-coast building what would be virtual unlimited capital reinvestment under sound principles opens the door for true growth and "stable" economic prosperity.

Sent FYI and for your positive thinking: thinking poised to give birth for the millennium promised to one-and-all from across the land.

Sincerely and truly yours,

Walter Burien - CAFR1


Anonymous recommends flying the flag upside down, a traditional signal of distress
Boycott the US presidential vote! It only legitimizes the illegitimate... 12-04-15 2012 Presidential election votes will be counted in Spain
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12-06-08 Courts and Judges as racketeering enterprises under RICO (the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) - key element in the current financial crisis
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Wake Up! Your are not free...
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
The 2010 submission of Human Rights Alert to the Human Rights Council (HRC) of the United Nations was reviewed by the HRC professional staff and incorporated in the official HRC Professional Staff Report with a note referring to “corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California.”
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"I think it's difficult to find a fraud of this size on the U.S. court system in U.S. history," said Raymond Brescia, a visiting professor at Yale Law School who has written articles analyzing the role of courts in the financial crisis. "I can't think of one where you have literally tens of thousands of fraudulent documents filed in tens of thousands of cases." Reuters (Jan 22, 2012)
Foreclosure fraud: The homeowner nightmares continueCNN (April 7, 2011)
About 3 million homes have been repossessed since the housing boom ended in 2006… That number could balloon to about 6 million by 2013 Bloomberg (January 2011)
"...a system in which only the little people have to obey the law, while the rich, and bankers especially, can cheat and defraud without consequences." Paul Krugman, MIT (2011)
"...judges tried and sentenced a staggering number of people for crimes they did not commit." Prof David Burcham, Dean, Loyola Law School, LA (2001)
"This is conduct associated with the most repressive dictators and police states... and judges must share responsibility when innocent people are convicted."     Prof Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, Irvine Law School (2001)"Innocent people remain in prison""...the LA Superior Court and the DA office, the two other parts of the justice system that the Blue Panel Report recommends must be investigated relative to the integrity of the system, have not produced any response that we know of..."LAPD Blue Ribbon Review Panel Report (2006) /_____________________________
"...corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California." United Nations Human Rights Council Staff Report (2010)
"On July 26, 2010, Laurence Tribe, Senior Counsel for the United States Department of Justice, Access to Justice Initiative, delivered an important speech to the Conference of Chief Justices, challenging them to halt the disintegration of our state justice systems before they become indistinguishable from courts of third world nations."Prof Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School (2010), per National Defender Leadership Institute (2010)
"What goes on there is more like gulags of centuries ago."ACLU
"More than 100 law professors have signed on to a letter released today that proposes congressional hearings and legislation aimed at fashioning "mandatory and enforceable" ethics rules for Supreme Court justices for the first time. The effort, coordinated by the liberal Alliance for Justice, was triggered by "recent media reports," the letter said, apparently referring to stories of meetings and other potential conflicts of interest involving Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas among others."More than 100 law professors, as reported by the Blog of the Legal Times (February 2011)
"The American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition..."
Chief Judge, US Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, Edith Jones, speaking before the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School (February 2003)
* In a speech in Georgetown University, Senator Leahy, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee called for a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" on the US Department of Justice.Transcript of Senator Leahy speech (2009)

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