Monday, October 4, 2010

10-10-05 The Los Angeles Jewish/legal community again asked to assume accountability for conduct of Bet Tzedek -”The House of Justice”

The Los Angeles Jewish/legal community again asked to assume accountability for conduct of Bet Tzedek - "The House of Justice"
Los Angeles, October 11 -  following recent reports of questionable transactions having been conducted by Holly Fujie, Board Member of Bet Tzedek - "The House of Justice", Human Rights Alert (NGO) again called upon the Los Angeles Jewish and legal communities to assume accountability for the conduct of Bet Tzedek, since the evidence showed that Bet Tzedek had evolved into a mixed use organization. While it may still be an effective provider of free legal services, it also doubles as the seat of various other enterprises, which must be deemed contrary to both its mission and the law, and were alleged as racketeering. [1]The recent reports [2] involving Holly Fujie, included, but were not limited to the transfer of funds from the Foundation of the State Bar of California to Bet Tzedek.
Three former senior officers of Bet Tzedek,  Sandor Samuels (then President of Bet Tzedek and Chief Legal Officer of Countrywide Financial Corporation), David Pasternak (former President of Bet Tzedek), and Terry Friedman (former Executive Director of Bet Tzedek and Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court) were previously involved in conduct that was initiated on the grounds of Bet Tzedek, and was alleged in complaints filed with the US Attorney Office as racketeering. [3]
Combined, Bet Tzedek is therefore directly involved in conduct that was documented in Human Rights Alert's April 2010 submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council, and which has recently been referred to in the United Nations Human Rights Council staff report as "corruption of the courts and the legal profession... in Los Angeles County, California." [4]Mitch Kamin, President of Bet Tzedek, refused to respond on repeated requests to address conditions at Bet Tzedek, and so did the Los Angeles Jewish Federation, with whom Bet Tzedek is affiliated. [5]

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Mitchell Kamin, President
Bet Tzedek

Fujie Holly - Board Member, Bet Tzedek
Former President, California Bar Association
Deputy General Counsel to the Los Angeles Police Commission�s Rampart Review Panel 

Sandor Samuels -  Former President, Bet Tzedek
Associate General Counsel, Bank of America Corporation

Former Chief Legal Officer, Countrywide Financial Corporation

David Pasternak -  Former President, Bet Tzedek
Former President, Los Angeles Bar Association

Former Member, California Judicial Council

Terry Friedman -  Former Executive Director, Bet Tzedek
Judge, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles
Member of the California Judicial Council