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Press Release - request being filed for disqualification of Judge Richard J Leon

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Petition to Compel FBI, USDOJ, SEC to Investigate Countrywide: Plaintiff Seeks Recusal of U.S. Judge

By Joseph Zernik & Petition: Free the Rampart-FIPs

Dated: May 10, 2009

Judge Leon's prior service as Minority Counsel in the Iran-Contra scandal investigation (1987-8), key event in alleged abuse of the civil rights of residents of LA County, claimed as cause requiring his disqualification per 28 USC §455.

Plaintiff in Petition (Zernik v Melson et al, 1:09-cv-00805) to compel U.S. officers to perform their duties, Joseph Zernik is requesting the court to instruct FBI, USDOJ and SEC to perform their duties and investigate alleged criminal conduct underlying real estate frauds and the sub-prime crisis. The case, filed on May 1, 2009 in U.S. Court for the District of Columbia was assigned to the Honorable Richard J Leon. However, Plaintiff claims conflicts arising from the Honorable Judge's prior engagement as Minority Counsel in the Iran–Contra scandal investigation (1987-8), is a cause requiring recusal per 28 USC §455. Accordingly, Plaintiff is filing Monday, May 11, 2009 a request for disqualification for a cause. 


Plaintiff alleges: Defendants FBI & USDOJ engage in long-term abuse of the civil & human rights of 10 million residents of LA County, California. They tolerate lawlessness that allowed the continued false imprisonment of the estimated 10,000 Rampart-FIPs a decade after the massive corruption investigation (1998-2000) was concluded - albeit with no final report ever being issued... They also allowed it to become "the epicenter of real estate & mortgage frauds", later recognized as the Subprime Crisis, which will cost the U.S. tax payer over $1 trillion! 


Plaintiff alleges: Defendants Kaiser (FBI) & Melson (USDOJ) provided fraudulent responses to Congressional inquiries by the Hon Diane Watson & Dianne Feinstein in re: real estate fraud against Plaintiff by Countrywide, BAC & the LA Judiciary Racket (LA-JR). Such conduct was and is part of cover-up & patronizing of the LA-JR, Countrywide, & BAC, including, but not limited to wrongdoing underlying the Sub-Prime Crisis, Bailout, & TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). 


Plaintiff further alleges: Iran-Contra scandal was a key event in the abuse of the civil rights of LA County residents, and the Hon Richard J Leon served as Minority Counsel in the scandal's investigation. Therefore, by law, recusal is required. 


Copies also filed with Congress and NGOs. 


Statement for Disqualification of a U.S. Judge can be viewed at:


About Petition: Free the Rampart-FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons): Please support our petition - calling upon President Obama - Free the 10,000 Rampart-FIPs:

Best reference on how they got falsely convicted, and why they are still imprisoned: LAPD Blue Ribbon Report (2006):

One reference for our low, conservative estimate of 10,000- PBS Frontline (2001):

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