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11-11-22 Support Safecast - a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation data to empower the People

Following the March Fukushima, Japan, disaster, the September Marcoule, France, accident, the recent radioactivity cloud over central Europe, and news of pending military action in Iran - a renewed call in support of Safecast, a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements to empower people with data about their environments.  None of the governments involved is to be trusted in this matter.
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Jerusalem, November 22 -  Human Rights Alert (NGO), renewed the call in support of in support of Safecast - a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements to empower people with data about their environments. [i]

The call came in the wake of:

  •  The current wave of radioactive iodine over Europe; [ii]
  •  The September 2011 Marcoule, France, nuclear accident, where one worker was "carbonized" and others seriously hurt; [iii]
  •  The March 2011 Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster, the scope of which is yet to unfold, and [iv]
  •  The ongoing news of a pending military action against the nuclear plants in Iran. [v]
"None of the governments involved is to be trusted to provide the People truthful information in case of nuclear accidents," says Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert.

Inexpensive radiation monitors are readily available today, and if consistently used by volunteers to report radiation levels in their environments, would provide an important source of information, more reliable than government-originated news.

The People's access to valid and reliable information in an age where media are largely controlled by the government-corporate complex, is one of the topics to be discussed in the planned September 2012 Celebration in Jerusalem-AlQuds.

Human rights, freedom of the press, and access to information are among subjects to be discussed in:

Jerusalem Al-Quds 2012

Love, Peace, Justice
Summer Celebration

date to be scheduled
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READ MORE:[i] Safecast - a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements to empower people with data about their environments.
[ii] 11-11-14 Radioactive Iodine Blankets Much of Europe … Everyone Points Fingers _
11-11-18 Hungarian lab ‘most likely source’ of radioactive iodine-131 over Europe, IAEA says _ The Sofia Echo
[iii] 11-09-12 Fatal accident at Marcoule nuclear facility _ Earth Times
[jv] 11-03-18 Message to Japanese Friends _ Human Rights Alert (NGO)[v] 11-11-02 UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears _ The Guardian, UK

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11-11-21 Welcome Palestine // Bienvenido Palestina // 欢迎巴勒斯坦

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11-11-19 Currencies and Conspiracies // Monedas y conspiraciones// 货币和阴谋


Conspiracies, Coups and Currencies

By ROSS DOUTHATPublished: November 19, 2011
The murmurs about Barack Obama being forced out began in Berlin and Beijing. After his party lost the midterm vote, there were hints that a government of technocrats would be imposed on America, to save the country from a debt crisis and the world from a depression.
As the debt-ceiling negotiations stalled out over the summer, a global coalition ­ led by Germany, China and the International Monetary Fund ­ began working behind the scenes to ease Obama out of the White House. The credit downgrade was the final blow: the president had lost the confidence of the world’s shadow government, and his administration could no longer survive.

Within days, thanks to some unusual constitutional maneuvering, Obama resigned the presidency and Michael Bloomberg was invited to take the oath of office. With Beijing issuing veiled threats against our currency, Congress had no choice but to turn the country’s finances over to the Senate’s bipartisan Gang of 6, which in turn acceded to Chinese and German “supervision” of their negotiations. Meanwhile, there was a growing consensus in Europe and Asia that only a true global superstate could prevent the debt contagion from spreading ...

FOR Americans, the scenario I’ve just imagined is a paranoid fantasy, the kind of New World Order nightmare that haunts the sleep of black-helicopter watchers and Trilateral Commission obsessives.

But for the inhabitants of Italy and Greece, who have just watched democratically elected governments toppled by pressure from financiers, European Union bureaucrats and foreign heads of state, it evokes the cold reality of 21st-century politics. Democracy may be nice in theory, but in a time of crisis it’s the technocrats who really get to call the shots. National sovereignty is a pretty concept, but the survival of the European common currency comes first.