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11-04-20 Welcome France! // Bienvenido Francia! // \欢迎法国!

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11-04-18 Los Angeles: Prisoner beaten so badly his attorney could not recognize him // Los Angeles: prisionero golpeado con tal violencia que su abogado no pudo reconocerlo // 洛杉矶:囚犯殴打他的律师如此糟糕无法认出他来


Attorney barred from photographing man's injuries in alleged jail beating

Defense attorney says a beating by deputies was so severe that he couldn't recognize his client. Officials say the inmate was dangerous and was being kept in an area where civilians and cameras are banned.

April 18, 2011
Despite a judge's order, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has refused to allow an attorney to take photographs of a client he said was beaten so badly by jail deputies that he was unrecognizable.
Deputy Public Defender John F. Montoya said the inmate, Federico Bustos, suffered severe bruising two months ago to his face, stomach, chest, right arm, both legs and feet. Bustos' left eye was so swollen that Montoya said he initially feared his client had lost the eye.

11-04-17 You get the Judge You Pay For! // Usted consigue el juez que usted paga! // 你得到法官您支付!


You Get the Judges You Pay For