Thursday, February 6, 2014

14-02-06 OccupyTLV: I am OK by Muni inspector

===14-02-06 OccupyTLV: I am OK by Muni inspector===
עברתי בדיקת פקח בשם גיא שהכריז שאני "בסדר". הסברתי שנכנעתי לאיומים ואלימות, ואיני מכיר בחוקיות ההליך של "צווים" מפוברקים. מקווה שהבלאגן של החודשיים האחרונים היגיע לקיצו!
Muni Inspector Guy passed here today. I showed him that I had taken down the light, corrugated plastic roof, and he said I was OK.
I explained that I yielded to extortion, and taking down the roof was no recognition of any lawfulness in the Municipality's conduct.
It has been almost two months of hustle though fabricated "Decrees", which never existed, while Tel Aviv Municipality in collusion with Israeli police employed threat, extortion, vandalism in demolishing shelters.
Arbitrary, capricious and discriminatory conduct under the color of law.
Initially I had only the plastic roof. After first round of attack, I cut the center of it, and put a canopy above it, creating a Luvre-like effect. Now, with the plastic roof removed, the atmosphere is much more light and airy.
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14-02-06 My keyboard

I can't handle the laptop keyboards (maybe there are some that are big enough, but they would be too heavy to carry.  So far years with various computers, I have been using the same old clunker keyboard.
Yesterday I stepped on it.  It still works!