Sunday, January 29, 2012

12-01-29 The American Psychological Association and Torture // La Asociación Americana de Psicología y Tortura // Американская психологическая ассоциация и пыток // 美国心理学协会和酷刑

I see this story as a low mark for the US civil society in our time.  This is not W Bush,  Cheney, or Obama.

Four Psychologists at the Gates of Hell: A Fable for Our Time

Sunday 29 January 2012
by: Roy Eidelson, Truthout | Fable

"In 2005, despite evidence that psychologists were involved in abusive and torturous interrogations of national security detainees, [the] American Psychological Association (APA) ... concluded that psychologists play a critical role in keeping such interrogations 'safe, legal, ethical and effective'....With this stance, the APA, the largest association of psychologists worldwide, became the sole major professional health care organization to support practices contrary to the international human rights standards that ought to be the benchmark against which professional codes of ethics are judged."


12-01-28 Police violence at Occupy Oakland // La violencia policial en Oakland Ocupar // 警方暴力占据奥克兰 // Насилие со стороны полиции в Занимайте Окленде

Police in Oakland, California, have used tear-gas and flash-grenades as a 2,000-strong Occupy Oakland march turned violent, with some protesters claiming that rubber bullets had been also fired into the crowd. At least 300 people were arrested, police say.

The demonstrators attempted to take over a vacant building to use as their headquarters. As they began tearing down perimeter fences around the HenryJ. KaiserConvention Center, police declared an unlawful assembly and used force, according to the Oakland Tribune newspaper.

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12-01-12 FBI to spy on social networks // FBI希望社交网络上的间谍 // FBI quiere espiar a las redes sociales // ФБР хочет, чтобы шпионить в социальных сетях


FBI to build social network spy app

App would crawl Twitter and Facebook

By Antony Savvas | Computerworld UK | Published 16:56, 26 January 12
FBI to build social network spy app 

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is planning to develop an application that can track the public's postings to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, in order to aid how it predicts and reacts to criminal behaviour, including public disorder and terrorism.


12-01-28 Protests in Sicily // Proteste in Sicilia // 抗议在西西里岛 // Протесты в Сицилии

Italy anti-austerity protests reach Sicily
Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:42PM GMT

From North to South, the number of Italians dissatisfied with the reforms and tax hikes introduced by the government led by Prime Minister Monti, keeps growing.

In Sicily, a series of strikes organized by protest movements has brought the island to its knees. 

The Shock Wave Group - composed of angry truck drivers - and the Sicilian haulage companies association blocked roads, motorways and the gates of the major ports in the past days. 

Their roadblocks and blockades have led to a lack of petrol at gas stations all over the island. On certain highways the price of fuel jumped to 3 Euros a liter and groceries became a scarce resource in shops and supermarkets. 

Truck drivers believe that the price of fuel has reached unsustainable levels as the cost to transport goods is greater than the cost of the actual products. 


12-01-26 Protests in Sicily and beyond - censored by media // Proteste in Sicilia e oltre - censurata dai media... // 在西西里岛和超越的抗议 - 媒体审查 // Протесты в Сицилии и за ее пределами - цензуре в СМИ

Diseccionando a El Paes

26 enero 2012 � 13:25

Los medios de comunicaci�n censuran lo que est� ocurriendo en Italia, otra vez a fin de evitar el contagio de las movilizaciones al resto de Europa.

Las movilizaciones ciudadanas en Sicilia comenzaron con eficaces bloqueos por parte de camioneros, pescadores, agricultores y ganaderos, y tuvieron su origen en el fuerte incremento en la isla de los precios de la gasolina (40% respecto al a�o anterior). Las protestas fueron enseguida respaldadas por trabajadores de otros sectores de la econom�a de Sicilia, quienes cuentan con el apoyo de miles de ciudadanos hastiados por las medidas �liberalizadoras� de austeridad impuestas por el gobierno tecnocr�tico del primer ministro italiano, Mario Monti, elegido desde la UE sin pasar por las urnas.