Friday, October 18, 2013

13-10-18 GRENADA: Another tiny nation standing up to the banksters?

Another tiny nation standing up to the international banksters. Needless to say, Grenada is remembered as the site of another forgotten US war...

Grenada’s IMF Sunday School

Saturday, 12 October 2013 01:45By Eric LeCompteInter Press Service | Op-Ed
Granada.(Photo: Nick Myers / Flickr)As the International Monetary Fund shares initial proposals for Grenada’s debt restructuring during the Washington DC meetings this week, the Caribbean island could gain a reputation for more than nutmeg, calypso, beaches and the 2012 gold medal sprinter Kirani James.
Because Grenada is listening to the nation’s religious leaders, it may become famous for a debt resolution deal that includes the participation of its citizens, protects the most vulnerable from austerity programmes and keeps current employment on the island intact.
Part of what could make possible protecting jobs and the island’s social safety net is curbing corporate and professional tax avoidance in Grenada.
The most interesting part of what propelled this debt deal is that the churches of this tiny island have staked a place at the negotiating table. On this island nation of 100,000 people, where most people on the street are debating any debt deal, religious institutions have taught or served a significant portion of the island’s government leaders.

13-10-18 US: Uninformed public - a threart to civilized society

The blame is not on the public, but on corporate media that deliberately keep the public in a deceptive information bubble - not only regarding Obamacare, but even more so regarding US economic policy and foreign policy in general.  It is the hallmark of totalitarian regimes.  And that is where the Clintons were concerned about "loosing the information war" through the Internet... Such "information war" used to be called propaganda in the good old days... jz

Justin Doolittle, Truthout: If the public is as dramatically uninformed as polls show about an array of critical issues, including the Affordable Care Act, democracy is seriously threatened, argues Doolittle.

13-10-18 UK: British MPs set to investigate Guardian's involvement in Snowden leaks:

Following the US in restricting Freedom of the Press? jz

British MPs set to investigate Guardian's involvement in Snowden leaks:
Keith Vaz says home affairs committee to look at newspaper's activities as part of inquiry into counter-terrorism

13-10-18 US - Misc news of the Abuse: In Texas Prisons, 14 People Have Died After Being Forced to Endure 120 Degree Heat

News from the American Gulag!

In Texas Prisons, 14 People Have Died After Being Forced to Endure 120 Degree Heat

Woman sues Texas Department of Criminal Justice for inhumane prison temperatures.

13-10-18 US: Misc News of the Abuse - Georgia Cops Pepper-Sprayed Visiting HS Football Team After Victory

Beyond belief! jz
Jodie Gummow, AlterNet
Visiting coach claims in court that the officers used pepper spray to root for the home team!

13-10-18 US: March Against Corruption - Saint Paul, MN

In the best tradition of Direct Action from the school of Civil Disobedience! jz

This Nov. 2nd we are calling for a worldwide march on your city hall, capitol, courthouse or anywhere else corruption exists!

Remember, Facebook is suppressing political/activist speech and those who cannot afford to pay to share. Our only way of overcoming this is with your help TAGGING, LIKING, COMMENTING and SHARING!


The Minnesota #MarchAgainstCorruption will take place in St. Paul, MN. -The route is still being planned at this moment, we are also discussing the planning of a rally and other events with different groups at this time.

We would like to invite all groups to come out and represent! Corruption within our government is not limited to one issue, but rather, the arms of corruption reach far and wide!

If you are a member of any local collectives or organizations and would like to work to get your advocates to the march, we would *LOVE* to list you on the event! Simply let us know that you're organizing for your group to be present!

#MarchAgainstCorruption PAGES:

-Official Parent Page: March Against Corruption
-Local Advocacy Page: MN March Against Corruption




Don't see an event near you?

Feel free to create your own event page for your local march using this event as a template. Then send us the link so we can add it to our growing list of events.

For more information or if you are interested in organizing a march in your city email or contact one of our hosts.


-People Over Politics
-Occupy Black Friday
-The United Police State of America
-March Against Monsanto
-St. Paul Area Move to Amend : end corporate personhood
-Idle No More-Minnesota*

*pending organizational consensus.
(We'll gladly post your group to this list upon request.)


Click Here to Add Your Name in Support of the American Anti-Corruption Act:

13-10-18 13-10-18 ICELAND: The only nation that successfully stood up to the US/Banksters complex

A short, must read article.  It is amazing that the People of such a small nation succeeded, where the People of the United States and Eurpean nations fail.  jz

13-10-18 Happy Eid!

Just before Eid, Moslem clerics issued a ruling that premitted the eating of cats, dogs, donkeys, in view of the widespread hunger in Syria!

13-10-18 Hello world!

10/18 @ 9:01 : San Francisco, California, US
10/18 @ 8:29 : Oxnard, California, US
10/18 @ 7:55 : Poulsbo, Washington, US
10/18 @ 7:46 : Mountain View, California, US
10/18 @ 7:25 : Jackson, Missouri, US
10/18 @ 7:20 : Mountain View, California, US
10/18 @ 3:04 : Lublin, PL
10/18 @ 1:50 : Cairo, EG
10/18 @ 12:24 : Mumbai, IN
10/18 @ 11:43 : Los Angeles, California, US