Wednesday, October 24, 2018

2018-10-18 Proposed bill makes it criminal to harm State of Israel foreign relations

Typical of such bills, they are deliberately vague and ambiguous, and "I said the truth" is no defense...

MK Anat Berko et al
Bill 4774/20
Amendment to the Penal Code (offense of harming State of Israel foreign relations) - 2017
Amendment to Article 121: (b) Regardless of any other law, he who acts to harm the interests of the State of Israel, the relations between the State of Israel and a state, an organization, or an institution, as stated in (a), or any interest, which the State of Israel has in them, is punishable by 7 year imprisonment; if acted intentionally - punishable by 10 year imprisonment; if his punishment for such offenses, even without proof of intention is over 10 years - punishable by life imprisonment.