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11-09-09 The Medieval-Digital Era - page soon to be deleted from Wikipedia // La Era Medieval-Digital - página que pronto será borrado de Wikipedia // 中世纪的数字化时代 - 即将被删除从Wikipedia

User Page InproperinLA, describing the Medieval-Digital Era, is about to be deleted...

Voltaire at 24, by Catherine Lusurier afterNicolas de Largillière's painting
Born21 November 1694
Paris, France
Died30 May 1778 (aged 84)
Paris, France
Pen nameVoltaire
OccupationWriter, philosopher, playwright

Voltaire, one of the leaders of the French Encyclopedists, was not
anonymous... And the French Encyclopedia reflected the Age of

Wikipedia with its anonymous editors, peculiar judgments on
notability, and dubious distribution of IP addresses, reflects the here
and now - the Medieval-Digital Era.

Therefore, this User Page is intended to give a divergent world view at
the dawn of the Medieval-Digital Era, compared to the rosy view,
provided in the general indexed entries of Wikipedia...

Tyranny, corruption, robber barons, legendary frauds, wars, population instability, ignorance... the works...


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