Sunday, July 8, 2012

12-07-07 Primavera Mexicana

 Primavera Mexicana's photo.

Así se vio Megamarcha contra la imposición de Enrique Peña Nieto en el Zócalo capitalino.

Thousands of protesters marched through the Mexican capital on Saturday 7 July against President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto, accusing him of buying votes and paying off TV networks for support.

12-07-08 YEATS

William Butler YEATS (1865-1939)

12-07-08 Que Paso en Mexico

A comrade from Mexico sent us this message, we repost it :

"Hello, could you please share this information about what is going on in Mexico...this is all about corruption and how politician´s treating their nation.
In Mexico will be a huge protest very soon but the television is saying nothing about what is going on there. This is not the first time that this happened in Mexico and government will be using violence. But if we spread this message all over the world they can´ t do that.
This is very important.

pre election's day:

pro PRI .( allegedly winning party) supporters began a campaign around the country to buy the poorest mexican's citizens votes.

elections day (july 1st 2012)

PRI, enrique pena nieto supporters (winning candidate because of the most retarded scam in world's history) supporters were positioned all over the country to intimidate voters from other parties' supporters. also these scum bags use the police against people who were against them by incarcerating them, or by giving them money, cell phones etc etc etc. for their vote.

also these wastes of life after the elections were over stole the elections packages were the people casted their vote. these packages were burned . in addition, in several voting sites, people were not even allowed to cast their vote because for "unknown reasons" (the worst scam in mexican history and the most retarded one and obvious one, even for the lower classes) there were enough ballots for them. my fucking ass is white, and im black.

post election's day, hours after the end of the elections (july 1st 2012)

after the presidential elections ended ( 5pm ) only few hours after (considering that in a nation of 110 million inhabitants, millions of votes cant be counted that fast) only few hours after opposing candidates (part of the scam) PAN (jvm, josefina vazquez mota) Alianza ciudadana (gabriel quadri) accepted their loss for becoming mexico's next president. Felipe calderon (mexico's current president, of course totally corrupted as the entire government) without having official information (for obvious reasons, come'on the elections finished hours ago) declared PRI's candidate enrique pena nieto as the new "elected' mexican president.

this is mexico's sad reality, share this message, thank you for your help.