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2016-01-05 Hey Ruskis, wassup?

For years, it used to be that my readership from the US was 3-5 times that from Russia.
Over the last week or two it switched around... no idea why....
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On Christmas, Ukrainian Faced the First ever Power Outage Caused by Hackers. ‪#‎Hacking‬ ‪#‎Malware‬
Russian Hackers Cause World's First Power Outage with Malware in Ukrainian


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אז הזמינו אותנו לנגן באירוע אומנות של Sofar sounds!
פתחנו דוכן הסברה על המאבק וניגנו!
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2016-01-04 RUSSIA in SYRIA

2016-01-04 RUSSIA in SYRIA
"the Russian operation is nothing short of a total victory, a true diplomatic triumph achieved in a very short time. In less than one month, the Russians succeeded in making Assad’s presence at the head of a legitimate government in Damascus an indisputable reality which all Assad-haters had to accept"
another series of triumphs at the UNSCstabilizing the legitimate authority and creating conditions for a political compromisethe Russian operation is nothing short of a total victory, a true diplomatic triumph achieved in a very short time

2016-01-04 PALESTINE: Routines of the occupation...

2016-01-04 PALESTINE: Routines of the occupation...
The UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Palestine resigned Monday, citing frustration at Israel’s denial of access to Palestinian territories.

2016-01-04 US: Back burner civil war

2016-01-04 US: Back burner civil war
A white “law enforcement analyst” is under fire for suggesting on CNN that the “terrorists” holding a federal building hostage in rural Oregon are more peaceful than…

2016-01-04 LIBYA: Another US+UK "nation building" in progress

2016-01-04 LIBYA: Another US+UK "nation building" in progress
British Special Forces have been deployed in Libya to wrest back control of more than a dozen oil fields seized by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants, it has…

2016-01-04 ISRAEL: "The only democracy in the middle east"

2016-01-04 ISRAEL: "The only democracy in the middle east"
Warrantless searches, warrantless arrests ,warrantless detention have become the norm over the past 2 decade, with the dismantling of the fundamentals of law, established during the British Mandate period (1917-1948).
Israel is routinely advertised as "the only democracy in the middle east", but in fact, the regime is much closer to a full blown military dictatorship.
Here: A woman reports that two policeman appeared at her home, and asked her to accompany them, since there was a Arrest Warrant for her.
She asked to see it.
The police refused - when you arrive in the station and are arrested we would show you the warrant.
She protested, saying she was home alone with two minor kids and a 1 year old baby.
Then police gave her "Notice to Appear for Investigation" instead of arresting her.
דניאלה וקנין
אה לי את הצו. שאני יעצור אותך אני יראה לך את הצו. 
אוקיי אדוני השוטר אני עם ילדים קטינים בבית ובניהם התינוקת שלי כבת שנה. 
מפה לשם עשה בירורים ונתנו לי זימון לחקירה למחר זה אמיתי שלא אומרים לי על מה ולמה רוצים לעצור אותי?!
מדינה הזויה ביותר! 😡😡😡😡

Beat of the Revolution

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קצב המהפכה כובשים את הבימה!
רוצים להצטרף? שלחו הודעה
Rhythm of Revolution!!
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2016-01-04 OccupyTLV resident, member of "Beat of the Revolution" קצב המהפכה- מתופפים למען שינוי חברתי drummer group, won 2nd international distinction in 3 years!!!

2016-01-04 OccupyTLV resident, member of "Beat of the Revolution" קצב המהפכה- מתופפים למען שינוי חברתי drummer group, won 2nd international distinction in 3 years!!!
Joseph Zernik, PhD has again been distinguished by the international community through the unlawful freezing of his bank accounts. This time - in Berliner Sparkasse. The matter was immediately resolved upon request for assistance by the German Consul in Israel.
A previous distinction of this nature, in 2013, involved the largest consumer bank in Israel - Bank HaPoalim - Stanley Fisher (then Governor of Bank of Israel - today No 2 in the Fed) and the Israeli Supreme Court. The obvious criminality by the gang was immediately terminated in that case following request for protection by the German Consul as well...
Whereas the case in 2013 involved high ranking criminals in Israel, the case over the past month appears to have been the handiwork of a mid-level clerk in a small German bank. One must wonder who and how incentivized such conduct. The usual suspects - the Israeli Administration of Courts - the Command and Control Center of the Judiciary Gang...
Others, who were similarly distinguished by unlawful freezing of their bank accounts in recent years, include:
* Julian Assange and Wikileaks.
That incident was the subject of a special editorial piece in the New York Times, noting its chilling effect on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. [1]
* US drone operators turned whistle-blowers.
The four drone operators had their bank accounts frozen after they exposed that US drone warfare in fact amounted to indiscriminate killing of civilians around the world.[2]
Dr Zernik has been recognized in recent years for his work in the field of system analysis and data mining, exposing serious Human Rights violations through fraud by judges, attorneys, and prison directors in IT systems of the courts and prisons.
The UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review (UPR) report on the State of Israel (2013) incorporated by reference the Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission, authored by Dr Zernik, with the note: “Lack of integrity in the electronic record systems of the Supreme Court, the district courts and the detainees courts in Israel.”
The European Conference on E-Government (2015) published Dr Zernik's report: "Fraudulent New IT systems in the Israeli courts - unannounced regime change?"
A recent article, published by Dr Zernik in OpEdNews.com - "The Zadorov Affair: False murder conviction of a Ukrainian exposed massive corruption of the Israeli justice system".
[1]2010-12-25 Banks and WikiLeaks_New York Times
[2] 2015-11-28 Drone Pilots have Bank Accounts and Credit Cards Frozen by Feds for Exposing US Murder_Beforeitsnews.com
A bank’s ability to block payments to a legal entity, as Bank of America has done with WikiLeaks, raises troubling questions.


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