Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016-01-04 ISRAEL: "The only democracy in the middle east"

2016-01-04 ISRAEL: "The only democracy in the middle east"
Warrantless searches, warrantless arrests ,warrantless detention have become the norm over the past 2 decade, with the dismantling of the fundamentals of law, established during the British Mandate period (1917-1948).
Israel is routinely advertised as "the only democracy in the middle east", but in fact, the regime is much closer to a full blown military dictatorship.
Here: A woman reports that two policeman appeared at her home, and asked her to accompany them, since there was a Arrest Warrant for her.
She asked to see it.
The police refused - when you arrive in the station and are arrested we would show you the warrant.
She protested, saying she was home alone with two minor kids and a 1 year old baby.
Then police gave her "Notice to Appear for Investigation" instead of arresting her.
דניאלה וקנין
אה לי את הצו. שאני יעצור אותך אני יראה לך את הצו. 
אוקיי אדוני השוטר אני עם ילדים קטינים בבית ובניהם התינוקת שלי כבת שנה. 
מפה לשם עשה בירורים ונתנו לי זימון לחקירה למחר זה אמיתי שלא אומרים לי על מה ולמה רוצים לעצור אותי?!
מדינה הזויה ביותר! 😡😡😡😡

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