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2015-12-27 Party time!

2015-12-27 Party time!
2016 is going to be a great year, no doubt! Had a great holiday party in Jaffa. Great location, great people and more than all - great music!
The reason is of course - that I joined " Beat of the Revolution" קצב המהפכה- מתופפים למען שינוי חברתי samba group, led by Tal Bluver. My experience, as in any other field - zero, but I can always contibute some theoretical insights... smile emoticon Tal is very fogiving, as long as I am not heard... So, I may end up as a gogo guy... smile emoticon
Problem was, all of a sudden it dawns on me that these revelers around me are younger than my daugther... However, I don't trust my intuitin on these issues any longer. So I asked. It turned out the average age was less than half of mine... smile emoticon Age, however, was not the issue, it was the generational culture gap... I ask one of the girls (this isn't sexist or condescending... as I said, she was younger than my daughter...), such great music. etc, etc, why is nobody moving their butt? So she asnwers: It went out of fashion... A guy answers: Everybody is too busy looking good...
In short, I felt a bit like a hyperactive kid in a holiday cocktail party. Then, all of a sudden, a beam of light:
Shanti! (lead pic)
My old Comrade!
We both lived long term at Big Spirit Arnon's hostels, and our main job was to add flavor/color whatever you call it. Some said we were two of a kind and even tried to match us. However, I am always in black, Shanti is always in orange... don't know if it can stick for a long time... you see, she is much more spritual and balanced that I never was or would be. For example, tonight, we were delighted to meet again. However, the rest of the evening I was drumming dancing hyping... she was sitting on the second floor in the corner, reading for peple Tarot... She is algerian/french, and a nomad, and that combo is always attractive...
The whole thing looked a bit touristy. However, due to global warming and and some other cosmic effects, there are no tourists around this year. That problem was solved, with some of the israelis talking English to each other smile emoticon...
Anyway, way after midnight, I guess I was so hyper I was disruptive, these youngers sent me home unceremoneously ... smile emoticon
P.S. That did not save them from my conspiracy theories... They were educated, like it or not!
Video clips later on...
Yoav Avraham Reinhorn
לא הגיל...העיקר התרגיל
Tal Bluver The agogo was defenetly heard!! smile emoticon the cow bell is the most important instrument couse it.is the clave

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