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13-10-28 US: Growing concerns regarding collapse of the financial system

Over the past couple of weeks, news were published - first in Russia Today, later in other outlets - that large US banks have started limiting large cash withdrawals, and prohibit electronic transfers of large sums outside the United States.
These are cardinal signs of concerns of collapse of the financial system.
Already in 2009, the UN High Commissioner for Crime Prevention issued a report, which said that the US financial system would have collapsed, had it not been for the massive laundering of billions in narco-dollars of the Latin American drug cartels.
The article, linked below, predicts looming collapse of the US financial system.  Its significance is in the fact that the writer is the former Director of Budget Management in the Reagan administration.
Media in Israel and Europe engage in self-censorship of reports that document the depth of the crisis in the United States.
By Paul Craig Roberts
America's Ultimate Collapse

It's dishonest when the Federal Reserve pretends that it's working on a solution. The banks should have been allowed to fail. It would not have been very costly. The FDIC would have saved the deposits. The amount of money they needed to print to save the deposits was miniscule compared to what they've spent trying to save the banks -- and to the damage they've done to the dollar, and the economy.

13-10-28 US: Ongoing Foreclosure crisis= robbing of the American people

Over 10 millions families evicted, and millions more on the line...
It is the exact replica of the farm foreclosure crisis over a hundred years ago, during the Robber Baron Era of the late 19th century.

What Recovery?
By Mike Whitney
"4,594,000 Mortgages Going Unpaid in the United States."

13-10-28 US: Approaching popular revolt?

Our Invisible Revolution
By Chris Hedges
No one knows where or when the eruption will take place. No one knows the form it will take. But it is certain now that a popular revolt is coming.

13-10-28 US: Criminal drone warfare

Please Tell Me, Mr President, Why a US Drone Assassinated my Mother
By Rafiq ur Rehman
Momina Bibi was a 67-year-old grandmother and midwife from Waziristan. Yet President Obama tells us drones target terrorists.

13-10-28 ISRAEL: Request filed with Prime Minisiter and Knesset for resumption of dialogue with Human Rights stakeholders in Israel as part of removal of the boycott on the UN Human Rights Council

===13-10-28 בקשה הוגשה לראש הממשלה ולכנסת לחידוש הדו-שיח לגבי אי תקינות בתי המשפט כחלק מתהליך בדיקת זכויות האדם בישראל ע"י האו"ם===
לאור ביטול החרם על מועצת זכויות האדם של האו"ם - בקשה הוגשה לראש הממשלה ולכנסת לחידוש הדו-שיח עם בעלי עניין בישראל - לגבי אי תקינות בבתי המשפט
Inline image 1
מאהל המחאה, ת"א, ה-28 לאוקטובר - התקשורת בישראל מסרה הבוקר על ביטול החרם שהוטל לפני כשנה וחצי על ידי ממשלת ישראל על מועצת זכויות האדם של האו"ם, וחזרתה של ישראל לתהליך הבדיקה התקופתית של זכויות האדם בישראל שנועד לשנה זאת. לאור ביטול החרם, הוגשה בקשה בשם "סייג לזכויות האדם" (NGO) לחידוש הדו-שיח עם בעלי עניין בישראל, שהוא חלק בלתי נפרד מתהליך הבדיקה התקופתית, אך לא התנהל עד כה.
הבקשה, שהוגשה היום לראש הממשלה וממלא מקום שר החוק בנימין נתניהו ולחברי וועדת חוק, חוקה ומשפט של הכנסת, נוגעת לתגובתם על דו"ח "סייג לזכויות האדם", שנכלל בדו"ח הסופי של מועצת זכויות האדם של האו"ם בלווית ההערה: "חוסר ישרה בכתבים האלקטרוניים של בית המשפט העליון, בתי המשפט המחוזיים, ובתי הדין למוחזקי משמורת בישראל".
הדוח מתעד השחתה חסרת תקדים של בתי המשפט בישראל בעשור האחרון, בסמוך להתקנת מערכות מחשבים חדשות בבתי  המשפט, המאפשרות לשופטים לסלף את כתבי בתי המשפט ולנהל הליכים למראית עין כדבר שבשגרה. מצב זה מערער את זכויות האדם בישראל מיסודן.
העתק הבקשה הועבר למועצת זכויות האדם של האו"ם ולממשלת גרמניה, שמלאה תפקיד חשוב בסיום הקיפאון בנושא.
שחיתות מערכת המשפט - מן ההוצאה לפועל ועד בית המשפט העליון היא גורם מרכזי במצב החברתי-כלכלי בישראל היום.
[1] 13-10-28 Israel: Request filed with Prime Minister/Pro Tem Foreign Minister and Knesset for renewal of Human Rights dialogue// לאור ביטול החרם על מועצת זכויות האדם - בקשה הוגשה לראש הממשלה ולכנסת לחידוש הדו-שיח עם בעלי עניין בישראל - לגבי אי תקינות בבתי המשפט
דר' יוסף צרניק
מאהל המחאה החברתית, ת"א
סייג לזכויות האדם (NGO)
* דוח סייג לזכויות האדם נכלל בדוח התקופתי של האו"ם לגבי זכויות האדם בישראל (2013), עם ההערה: "חוסר יושרה בכתבים האלקטרוניים של בית המשפט העליון, בתי המשפט המחוזיים, ובתי הדין למוחזקי משמורת בישראל".
* דוח סייג לזכויות האדם נכלל בדוח התקופתי של האו"ם לגבי זכויות האדם בארה"ב (2010), עם ההערה: "שחיתות בתי המשפט ומקצוע עריכת הדין בקליפורניה".
Occupy Tel Aviv, October 28 - Israeli media announced this mornign the end of the boycott on the UN Human Right Council and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Human Rights in Israel, scheduled for this year.
Consequently, request was filed with Prime Minister/Pro Tem Foreign Minister Netanyahu for resumption of the dialogue with Israeli stakeholders in the process, integral part of the UPR process.
The request was filed on behalf of "Human Rights Alert" (NGO), and specifically requested for government response on the Human Rights Alert UPR submission, which documented the invalidity of computer systems, which have been implemented in the Israeli courts over the past decade. Such systems enable the falsification of court records by judges and the conduct of simulated/sham litigation on a routine basis.
The Human Rights Alert submission was incorporated into the UN UPR report with the note:
"Lack of integrity in the electronic records of the Supreme Court, the district court courts and the detainees courts in Israel".
Copy of the request was filed with the UN Human Rights Council, and with the German government, which played a crucial role in Israel's decision to end the boycott.
Corruption of the Israeli courts is central to the socio-economic conditions, now prevailing in the State of Israel.
[1] 13-10-28 Israel: Request filed with Prime Minister/Pro Tem Foreign Minister and Knesset for renewal of Human Rights dialogue// לאור ביטול החרם על מועצת זכויות האדם - בקשה הוגשה לראש הממשלה ולכנסת לחידוש הדו-שיח עם בעלי עניין בישראל - לגבי אי תקינות בבתי המשפט
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Occupy Tel Aviv
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
* The Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations was incorporated into the 2010 Periodic Review Report regarding Human Rights in the United States, with the note: "corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California". 
* The Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations was incorporated into the 2013 Periodic Review Report regarding Human Rights in Israel, with the note: "lack of integrity of the electronic records of the Supreme Court, the district courts and the detainees courts in Israel."

13-10-28 US: Media censor the scope of anti-government demonstrations

The article,linked below summarizes media coverage, or lack thereof, of the large anti NSA snooping on Saturday in Washington DC.
The same was true for the truckers demonstration a couple of weeks ago.
With the removal of regulations, limiting media ownership, some 5 coglomerates now control almost all mass media in the US.

13-10-28 US: Thousand in anti NSA snooping demonstration in Washington DC

One of the larger demonstrations in the US in recent memory.

13-10-28 US: Chicago - anti evictions demonstrations

Over 10 million families have been evicted, and many million others are on the line, in what is described as unprecedented fraud and robbing of the people by banks, attorneys, and judges.

Timeline Photos
BREAKING: Anti-eviction direct actions happening across the country! Today is ...See More
By: National People's Action

13-10-28 Saudi Arabia: the drive for women's driving

13-10-28 Facebook art: voting...

13-10-28 US: Civil War/Revolt has become part of the routine political discourse...

Discussion of civil war/revolt used to be the exclusive domain of the far right, particularly of staunch Second Amendment (Right to bear arms) advocates.
All that changed in the last couple of years, and discussion of revolt against the federal government now permeates the entire political spectrum.
In parallel, various federal agencies have purchased large amounts of weapons and ammunition, including agencies such as the IRS (tax agency), for no obvious reason.
The article, linked below is by a renowned left-wing writer, and it suggests that there is no chance to correct conditions, now prevailing in the US through incremental measures. Therefore, revolt is the only remaining option!
Such writing is unprecedented on the left wing in the US. It also places the writer under risk of administrative detention - under NDAA, or long-term imprisonment - under the "Patriot Act".
Chris Hedges | Our Invisible Revolution
Chris Hedges, TruthDig: The piecemeal and incremental reforms of a functioning democracy are preferable to revolution, says Hedges. But since we do not live in such a system, "Revolt is the only option left."
Read the Article
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13-10-28 US: FEMA camps - natural disaster preparedness, or preparation for a popular revolt?

In recent years, the federal government has built large camps under FEMA - the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Such camps could be used for housing a large number of victims of natural disaster. Alternatively, such camps could be used for mass detentions.
The video below is a compilation of pronouncements by Obama on the subject, which are not that clear...
Obama usurped the right to engage in indefinite detention of US citizens with no trial under NDAA.
Prof Chomsky and others sued in effort to declare the law unconstitutional, with no success so far.
Such outcome also documents the role of the corrupt US courts in conditions in the US today.
Israeli media continue to treat Obama as a "typical liberal democratic" president, an outrageous false characterization of his regime.
US experts agree that Obama has undermined the US Constitution like no other president before him.

Obama explains the FEMA
Obama talks about the FEMA camps and explains there purposes. "Prolonged Detention" is the term being used. Please watch.

The cover of Time magazine already in 2011 showed a shredded US Constitution...

13-10-28 Israel-Germany: German pressure forces Israel to stop boycott of the UN Human Right Council

Israeli news reported this morning the end of Israel's boycott of the UN Human Rights Council.
Haaretz daily was the only one that reported that it followed German pressure.  The same is reported here by Russia Today - increasingly an important and reliable news outlet.
With the collapse of civil society in the United States, Germany increasingly serves as the center of what used to be called "free world".
Following the supply of nuclear submarines by Germany to Israel, center piece of "second strike" capabilities, German influence is beginning to eclipse that of the United States.


13-10-28 Hello world!

10/28 @ 11:57 : Israel, IL
10/28 @ 10:56 : London, GB
10/28 @ 10:47 : Dubai, AE
10/28 @ 9:44 : Tel Aviv, IL
10/28 @ 6:24 : Mountain View, California, US
10/28 @ 4:10 : Uyo, NG
10/28 @ 12:19 : Princeton, New Jersey, US
10/28 @ 12:19 : Palo Alto, California, US
10/28 @ 11:51 : Amman, JO
10/28 @ 10:45 : San Jose, California, US
10/28 @ 10:38 : Rishon Le Zion, IL

13-10-28 The Life of Others - movie re Germany under communism, and life in the US and Israel today...

Eavesdropping Stasi agent, before digital surveillance, from the movie: The Life of Others

On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 6:23 PM, GZ wrote:
Have you heard of and/or seen this movie, The Lives of Others (2006)?

If so, any comments?  GLZ.

On Monday, October 28, 2013 11:21:40 AM UTC+2, Joseph Zernik, Human Rights Alert (NGO) wrote:
I have seen it first when it came out in Santa Monica, in 2007, when I was already in the semi underground.  And I have thought about it often afterwards, relative to life today, both in the US and Israel, which is not that far different from the reality in the movie.  
Already in 2008, a close friend in LA told me I could not email, phone, or visit him at home (we could still meet in coffee shops through complicated arrangements) for fear of consequences... He also started engaging in double speak, often said the opposite of what he really thought, believed, depending on where and when we were sitting...
In Jerusalem, I have for a year and half a snitch glued to my butt...  My way of handling it - as usual, simply publishing, waiting to see if anybody will sue me, and in parallel, filing complaint with police when such snitches engage in criminality, to document their impunity.
Here, in Occupy Tel Aviv, there are numerous snitches as well.  And when it comes to organizing protests, it is taken for granted that someone among the organizers may be a police snitch.  Simply recognizing reality.  It creates some level of chaos, since what happens is that final details and actual conduct are often left unspecified, and happen on the ground with no final planning.
In contrast with the movie, both in the US and Israel, there is heavy reliance on semi- or fully criminal elements for such snitching, probably in return for impunity...
Similarly, it was recently published that one of the central activists in OWS was exposed as an undercover copy, when he was busted as one of the motorcycle gang that attacked a family in an SUV.  In OWS he was known for his mild manner... :)
And Prof Erwin Chemerinsky published a column in the LA times already a couple of years ago, repudiating the infiltration of OWS by chilling legitimate political organization.
One little detail from the movie that stuck in my memory permanently:   The reality of the movie is prior to today's cellphones and computerized surveillance.  Therefore, the protagonists have full time 24/7 Stasi agents eavesdropping on their apartment and phone. And one of them spends the boring hours reading Bertolt Brecht poetry...
Germany should also be recognized for the manner in which it handled the Stasi archives, which led to the production of works like this movie. Following long public debate, it was decided that none of the records would be destroyed, and that each individual is entitled to see the records in his/her own file, including the names of the persons (often close friends, family members) who were snitching on him/her...
The outcome was an avalanche of amazing discoveries - senior people in the Catholic church, dissidents, etc, who all worked for the Stasi..
[1] 12-10-13 Dispatch from Jerusalem: SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL - a stinker!
[2] The Clean Dealer/Informer/provocator, the Dirty Hippie, and the Israel Police in Jerusalem
[3] 12-08-31 Shmuel/Haim/Yoel - שמואל/ חיים/יואל - now popular also in Japan!

me (Joseph Zernik, Human Rights Alert (NGO) 
11:49 AM (3 minutes ago)
An regarding the conduct of family members both in the US and Israel under such conditions, I would not like to comment here, except for noting that it was my US born sister in law, who turned out to be the brave one in the US, and my elderly uncle in Israel - same.