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10-01-28 Suggested Action Plan - Widespread Judicial Corruption in Los Angeles County, Califorina

A.  Richard Fine and Beyond - Large-Scale False Imprisonments in Los Angeles County, California Key symptom of widespread corruption of the justice system.

  • The subject matter has to be expanded, Fine is just one example.  
  • The most productive avenues today are outside the US.  Guantanamo Bay was the perfect example.  
  • Organizational backing is quintessential.
  • Celebrity spokesperson is quintessential
  • The goal should be to get international observers to Los Angeles County, California
1) False hospitalization of political dissidents -  exclusive for our white-anglo guests

2) Ongoing false imprisonment of thousands of Rampart FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons) - for our black/latino guests
There are data from official and PBS reports regarding the many thousands of Rampart FIPs , which the LA judges refuse to set free for over a decade, as documented in another official report.

3) Routine false jailings by the Sheriff's Department of LA County today  -  mostly for our latino guests
I separately produced a short study that demonstrated the conditions in the Sheriff Dept of Los Angeles, where some half of the inmates' records show false or fictitious records regarding the legal foundation for the holding.  Of all my Scribd papers, it was the biggest hit,  500 reads since early January. Such conditions are severe abuse of Human Rights:

Combined, the three items above, paint a true picture of the scope of abuse in Los Angeles County, California.  Therefore, they are synergistic.  Backing by an organization could make all the difference in the world. It may appear as not directly dealing with judicial corruption.  However in fact - false imprisonments are the key symptom of the widespread corruption of the judiciary in Los Angeles County, California. Moreover, this subject, is the single issue that is most likely to gain international attention in the Human Rights arena. 

The goal should be to get international observers to LA County. It would have tremendous impact.  Organizational support would be quintessential in making such calls for observers. It would also serve the whole movement of judicial reform, if attention could be focused on single place, even for a short period, and that way gain more impact. Los Angeles County is the perfect candidate, given the large volume of evidence. Corruption level of the justice system here was stated by Erwin Chemerinsky already in his 2000 paper to have been unprecedented in US history.  The Blue Ribbon Report panel in 2006 said that corruption level now were higher than in the 1920s, during the Water Wars, subject of the movie China Town. Finally, Los Angeles is well recognized world wide, and if we can show the world that in a major metropolitan area the US government neglects to comply with International Law, it may make the whole movement much more credible.

B. US Financial/ Integrity Crisis
There is no way to establish honest banking regulation on the foundation of corrupt judiciary.
Judicial corruption and corruption of financial systems - are the other subject that is even more likely to gain international attention. Corruption of the financial system in the US is a major source of concern world wide. However, that subject is more sophisticated, and more difficult to communicate to the average Joe. Nevertheless, the impact of judicial corruption on failure of US banking regulation can bring the US to bankruptcy in no time at all.

The greatest advantage of this approach is that the players - international central banks - are mighty, and their leverage on the US government is direct and immediate.  They were unhappy with conditions in the US already, therefore, it may take less efforts to inform them of the underlying corrupt judicial system.  The target audience is very sophisticated and very educated, but not informed regarding the true state of affairs in the US.

FYI, I started a petition Free Richard Fine a while ago, anonymous signature option is available.  It holds now 135 signatures, many can be reached through that web site, CARE2, and naturally they felt strongly about the issue. Could be a source for support.

10-01-28 New feature in Wikipedia - View subjects censored in Wikipedia...




1) Large-Scale False Imprisonments in Los Angeles County, California:
Leaked: January 19, 2010; Views as of January 28, 2010: 365
2) Richard Isaac Fine:
Leaked: January 27, 2010; Views as of January 28, 2010: 80
3) Rampart FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons)
Leaked: January 28, 2010; Views as of January 28, 2010: 0 (just leaked)
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