Why does it take trained police officers 16 shots to kill one person? Maybe NY liberals should request a ban on NYPD's gun clips instead of law-abiding citizens who have murder nobody. Maybe more range time as well since 10 people were shot.
From NYPost:
A North Carolina woman, who was injured during the wild police shoot-out with a gunman at the Empire State Building in August, is suing the city — charging  NYPD officers created a “dangerous and deadly confrontation,” resulting in nine wounded bystanders.
Chenin Duclos, 32, was crossing 34th Street and 5th Avenue around 9 am on Aug. 24 when cops chased shooter Jeffrey Johnson through the crowded streets, the complaint states.
The suit, filed today in Manhattan Supreme Court, names the city, police department and officers Craig Matthews and Robert Sinishtaj as allegedly responsible for failing to “exercise proper police tactics and procedures during the incident.”
The suit describes the chaos that ensued after Johnson executed former coworker Steven Ercolino.
“Chenin Duclos was shot by a bullet fired from the gun of one of the individually named police officers while frantically running to get away from the bedlam and hysteria that was unfolding on the street around her,” the suit states. “The gunshot hit Ms. Duclos with such force that she was thrown to the ground. She remained in the crosswalk, shot, motionless, fearing for her life.”
The stray bullet, one of 16 shots fired before Johnson was fatally struck, “completely destroyed” the woman’s femur, the complaint explains. She was hospitalized and underwent physical therapy.
Duclos, of Chapel Hill, is working toward her Ph.D. in physical therapy at the University of North Carolina.
“Chenin was expected to graduate in August of 2014; however, due to the injuries suffered in the shooting, this date has been postponed,” a press release announcing the lawsuit stated.