Thursday, April 3, 2014

14-04-04 Mount Carmel and the Haifa beach!

One of my favorite places since childhood!

14-04-03 Hello world!

4/3 @ 3:48 : Salvador, BR
4/3 @ 3:27 : Araranguá, BR
4/3 @ 2:56 : Pretoria, ZA
4/3 @ 11:33 : United States, US
4/3 @ 10:56 : Redmond, Washington, US
4/3 @ 8:17 : Vienna, AT
4/3 @ 7:31 : Mountain View, California, US
4/3 @ 6:59 : Van Nuys, California, US
4/3 @ 3:37 : Mountain View, California, US
4/3 @ 2:00 : São Paulo, BR

14-04-03 American Vertigo by Bernard Henri Levy

Take action now to help free Albert Woodfox

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WatchIn The Land Of The Free

Bernard Henri Levy lost all credibility:

I got to the part where he visits the Angola prison in Louisiana. He spends a couple of pages on it.
- How much improved it is compared to a Louisiana prison described by de Tocqueville, where the prisoners lived in their excrements, chained to the floor.
- How nice the landscape of the large prison- a former plantation is.
- How nice the last meals of those facing execution are.
- Cute items in the gift shop...

But he fails to mention in one word the Angola Three.

It is a strange combo, Levy is described by critics as "pro American", and yet the final conclusion of his book is "American Vertigo".

But on the way, his reporting is lacking, to say the least.

A Call For Justice
We seek the immediate release of Albert Woodfox, an innocent man and the sole member of the Angola 3, still in solitary confinement more than 41 years after his wrongful conviction.

On Saturday, March 29, 2014 11:18:11 AM UTC+3, Joseph Zernik, Human Rights Alert (NGO) wrote:
I bought the book almost 10 years ago, but only now got around to start reading it.
The author, a well-known French writer, considered pro-American, was hired by a French magazine to trace the travels of de Tocqueville and write a sequel to Democracy in America.
De Tocqueville original mission was to review the prison system in the US, but ended up reviewing various aspects of American life.
The sequel likewise, is based on criss-crossing the US, visits to several prisons, and numerous interviews with people - from nobodies on the road to prominent figures of US politics, who are still in leading positions today - from Obama (then candidate for nomination as Democratic candidate), to Kerry, Hillary, and Republican leaders.
Levy correctly observes the sea change in US regime in the aftermath of 9/11.
And the title sums up his conclusion regarding the State of the Union...