Tuesday, July 19, 2011

11-07-19 Hunger Haunts California Town // Acecha el hambre California Ciudad // 饥饿困扰着加州小镇

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July 18, 2011

Hunger Haunts California Town:
"When youngsters have just noodles, bread or crackers to eat for dinner, as many here do, they cannot perform well in school," the food bank website says. "This is how many families in poverty must live today, relying on carbohydrate-based food that's filling but very low in nutrition."

11-07-19 Prisoner Hunger Strike Enters Crisis Stage //Huelga de hambre prisionero entra en la etapa de crisis // 囚徒绝食进入危机阶段

Prisoner Hunger Strike Enters Crisis Stage

85557741 Prisoner Hunger Strike Enters Crisis Stage
Since July 1, 2011, some 6,600 mostly California state prisoners have participated in a hunger strike. The strike began at Pelican Bay and has spread to 13 other prison across the state. While most of the prisoners striking have resumed eating, there remains a core group of prisoners who have claimed they are willing to starve to death. According to a New York Times article, dated July 7, 2011, the strikes organizer, Todd Ashker has said, through his lawyer, “We believe our only option of ever trying to make some kind of positive change here is through this peaceful hunger strike” Ashker’s lawyer went on to say, “And there is a core group of us who are committed to taking this all the way to the death if necessary.”