Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014-04-24 Hello world!

4/24 @ 7:30 : Osasco, BR
4/24 @ 4:44 : Loughton, GB
4/24 @ 12:25 : Forsyth, Georgia, US
4/24 @ 9:19 : Patna, IN
4/24 @ 8:58 : Israel, IL
4/24 @ 2:46 : Mountain View, California, US
4/24 @ 1:15 : Jerusalem, IL
4/24 @ 1:08 : Foothill Ranch, California, US
4/23 @ 10:25 : Tel Aviv, IL
4/23 @ 10:22 : Tel Aviv, IL
4/23 @ 10:22 : New York, New York, US

2014-04-24 US: Senseless executions

The top three recommendations of the 2010 UN Human Rights Council for the United States were:
1) Stop executions;
2) Abolish slavery, and
2) Restore habeas corpus

By Marc Bookman, Mother Jones
What does it take for a condemned person to win a resentencing? READ MORE»

2014-04-24 Porn and social protest...

I have noticed that many media channels that deal with social protest mix on a regular basis some soft porn in, to break the tedious protest, or just for fun.
Here is the latest example from Rolling Stone magazine.  Rolling Stone has become a prime source of investigative journalism on corruption of the banking industry in the US.
Here is the first ever interview with the Duke porn star - a student, who launched a porn career to finance the costly education at Duke.

5 Top Revelations from Duke Porn Star Belle Knox's First Print Interview

Belle Knox, a.k.a. Miriam Weeks, spills some tantalizing beans in the new issue of Rolling Stone. 
Photo Credit: screengrab via youtube
18-year-old Miriam Weeks has been the talk-of-the-town, internet and talk show circuit since she first came out as Duke Porn star, Belle Knox in January. Ever since then, she's been doing her best to pursue her studies as a college student, granted, while running her little side business. She's also been studiously avoiding interviews. But Rolling Stone's Alex Morris landed one finally and his feature entitled "The Blue Devil in Miss Knox" hits newstands Friday.  Here's a preview of the top five most shocking revelations from that interview: 
1. She was the victim of sexually assault in high school.
This is a sad one, but now that it has been revealed, it is bound to fuel speculation about Weeks' psychological motivations for doing porn—which is precisely why Weeks has kept this experience secret thus far. It happened at a house party, she says, and sadly, her friends at the time blamed her for being careless because she was drunk. Even more than the assault itself, the aftermath (being blamed) has fueled her feminism, she says.
2. Her parents thought she was a virgin before she came out as a porn star.
Like a lot of young people, Weeks managed to pull the wool over her unsuspecting parents' eyes. She tells her interviewer she was 12 when she started viewing porn, and lost her virginity when she was 16. In high school, she was hanging out and partying with mostly college students, and at one point naked pictures began circulating around her hometown, for which her mother grounded her for "like a year," she says. But still no clue that she was no longer a virgin. (Mom, wake up!) As for where the money was coming from to pay for college, she told her parents she was selling weed. No word on their reaction to that piece of news.
3. Her vagina has now been replicated as a sex toy.
Or it will be soon. The Doc Company took molds of her vagina, butthole and mouth in order to make a Belle Knox sex toy line. So now, lots of people can spend time in Belle Knox's various orifices. No word on how much she was paid. Plenty, we're guessing.
4. She feels more comfortable and more respected at porn expos than at Duke.
This might no be surprising given the fact that she was paid for a mold of her vagina. She also sold her panties for more than $50 per pair at the recent Atlantic City Exxxotica porn convention. Still, her college student status helped. She appeared in the ever-popular "schoolgirl" outfit at the Expo, although her tank bra read "BJU" rather than Duke. While at the convention, she says she thanked a fan who told her about the various and fairly shocking lewd acts he'd like to perform on her.
5. Her siblings have now shunned her, but her grandfather has been a source of support.
Families, what are you gonna do. You really never know who's in your court until you come out as a porn star. Older bro and sis no longer speak to Weeks, she says, and there are definite strains with her parents. But grandpa is coming through. "My grandpa has been really supportive, though," she told Rolling Stone. "He was just like, 'I don't think it's anybody's damn business what you do."